Turkish drama “Love Me As I Am” has an happy ending. There is a deliberate contrast and depiction of the different cultures within which Ayshem and Omer and his friends, have been brought up in. I was pleased when Reha and Nadide (Omer’s parents), Ayshem’s aunt and uncle and Seda and Turkan didn’t reappear in Season 3. As the company plummets, Burak attempts to hide the situation from Reha. Nezih and Reyhan grow closer. Omer’s mother is called Nadide. Mentes is shocked when Nail and Eda decide to get away from everything. Zeynep Camci as Aysem Aysem and Omer go for a check-up. Despite being married, Aysem keeps Omer at a distance. She herself refers, in the beginning, to “my obsessions” which she admits she does get. Reha’s message that Omer has been kidnapped breaks Aysem, but Haluk and Halil are suspicious and, with Nail, set out on the trail of Omer. Although they come from different backgrounds, they get along with each other very well. While Reyhan’s sudden decision to marry creates surprise, Furkan and Seda near the end. Aysem returns home late and confronts Omer. I would point out that Turkish dramas often have a comedy character or duo, in the ancient style of Shakespeare’s plays, there was often a ‘fool’ who comes on and speaks to the audience or clowns around. It makes me want to travel to Turkey. Seda and Nadide’s plans go off like clockwork, and the young couple are increasingly estranged. I am anxiously awaiting season 4. Omer is a second year student at the architecture school. He graduated from college but he ran around blubbering like the village idiot???? When he learns this, Omer finds himself again on Safiye’s doorstep. Tanur turned out to actually be a very nice guy. Well, overall, I truly enjoyed the comedy. I do agree with you partly about Ayshem who I too, started to find annoying but then I am aware that I soon get bored of the main couple’s romance in Turkish dramas anyway and the eternal focus on the heroine/ her face, basically. When Omer and Haluk are called to the precinct, Seda refuses to let them go alone. Omer learns of Nezih's collaboration with his father. Eda’s leaving upsets Aysem and Omer. Hoe can they get rid of so many of the characters? I mean, surely she is more than a bit mad too! Hi Judy Ellison, I too have just finished Love Me As I am/ Beni Boyle Sev series one, two & three on UK Netflix. Fahriye learns Melda has a phobia and uses it to oust her unwanted roommates. I need to say that being a non-Turkish person, I have not been a fan of Turkish music. Omer’s father and Ayshem’s aunt Safiye drove me mad with their nastiness and ranting. Everybody feels excited about Omer talking to Burak. Haluk starts to work at his son's school. Love Me As I Am is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. Cast Mentes’ rejection of the proposal makes them all think. Omer’s attention gradually starts to have an effect on her. willingly in season 1 when she was going through stuff. Please provide explanation of what happened between the end of season 2 and 3. Can someone let me know if series has happy or sad ending. When Seda leaves in anger at Taner, Fahriye comes across a surprise name while looking for a solution. Meanwhile, Aysem tries to find out why Omer spoke with her aunt. Seeing Omer’s arm bandaged, Aysem can’t get angry at him. Now TV is such a disappointment. Nail and Ilyas are working in the store. They had their own story just to have season 3 full with a story here and there. After fighting with Omer, Aysem tosses and turns in bed. She was very perceptive and intuitive. I have just binge watched all three seasons on Netflix and enjoyed it very much even though I am an English speaking South African. Loved it .loved the story. Keanu Reeves makes a surprise stop in the Top 10. I enjoyed Haluk, eventually. I liked Burak although he turned out crazy and Melda, Omers foster sister, very pretty girl. Inci goes after Kerem again. I get involved emotionally and don’t want to do that to myself. I hope there is a season 4 … I am in love with all the characters the relationships amongst friends were outstanding I love how they were loyal and always there for each other… this show became addictive .. I looked at show with english subtitles, totally loved the lyrics of songs…. Terrible acting!! In the third episode of the series, “Take Me As I Am, Whoever I Am,” Anne Hathaway portrays a woman who’s combating the symptoms of bipolar … Influenced by Nail, Eda tries to soften up Reha, but he is not at all pleased. Taner invites Seda to his family's country house, where she ends up in a strange situation. Two college students quickly fall in love and wed, only to find that married life isn't always perfect. Nadide is hopeful of getting her son to take a step back. At precisely 1 hour 25 minutes in at approximately 43 seconds-a character asks exactly what the viewer wants to know-ie. Fahriye's blog brings trouble to her life. Tolga tricks his captor. Is there anywhere else I can watch this drama. Episodes Love Me As I Am. However, I really enjoyed the music that was in this drama. There were a lot of mistakes. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But, what the heck., I am just happy for anyone to attempt to translate these Turkish Dramas so I can watch them. However I came to the conclusion that they were actually depicting the fact that Ayshem was a bit, or minorly mad/ insane. I just started watching the show in England on Netflix but now I am in Dubai and Netflix doesn’t have it. When I looked for the name of the actor who played Reyhan’s fiance, there was no reference to him in the list of cast members. It would be great if some of the characters from season 1 could come back; like Seda and Furkan. Aysem asks Omer for some time by himself. They resolve to let her go and search for their own solution. But I found that he most probably left the show to star in a movie for which, I reckon, he will receive an award. ie. Every time that hairy faced, blubbering man came on screen, I would fast forward so I did not have to listen to his mouth. The Romance of Omer and Aysem was really cute. I like all their scenes….so sweet and so sincere and intense. While Zeyno and Tolga prepare to marry in secret, Metin comes to Aylin's rescue. She already left for blady 5 years without any contact, not again he thought….no ways are you gonna get away from me this time. The news that Omer has married stirs up trouble. Does anyone know where I can watch season 4? It was light and funny and I looked forward to watching another episode. They resolve to fire her and find their own solution. Omer proves himself to Nail, gets his permission, and calls his family to Akcaabat. So i settled down to watch episode one of series three. When Haluk and Omer are called to the precinct, Seda won’t let them go alone. But the ratings were still not enough for the channel so they cancelled the series in the middle of the season in the end of February. I was so upset that I skimmed through it, and decided to abandon the series. The series first aired on February 23, 2015. Daydreaming (Kavak Yelleri), Tags beni boyle sev cast beni boyle sev tv series Love Me As I Am cast Love Me As I Am tv series. Guven Kirac as Nail Season 2 ended where Burak, Omers cousin, went crazy pointing a rifle at Omer and his dad. Your new favorite show is right here. She made the Turkish language sounded as a no class language! Lale Mansur as Nadide Eda, Safiye, Nail and Ilyas struggle to get the store ready to open, but a surprise awaits them. Long story short-series three is five years later.. Nb. I didn’t like Seda and Furkaan. How close will the show stay to the comic storyline? The shows are addictive I sometimes use Turkish Phrases like. Will their families eventually approve their marriage? Here's where you can watch and stream coverage, The director also teases what a potential Season 2 would be about. I have watched a lot of great Turkish TV series as well as a couple of movies and my favourite was “Ertugrul: Resurrection” as it tells about the beginning and rise of the Ottoman Empire. Omer blames himself after Aysem falls down the stairs and ends up in the hospital. In love me as i am (beni boyle sev) tv series story, you will explore a pure love story of Omer and Aysem who comes from confronting families. Omer’s abduction scares everyone and Aysem is distraught. “Allah Hallah & press my thumb against my upper teeth when suprised. They need to get their genders correct. They are excited to learn the baby's gender. Season three ended abruptly and I have read that there is a season four but I cannot find it on YouTube. though I think “Baba Candir ” is a bit better, more comical & entertaining. Original Title: Beni Boyle Sev Aysem comes home late and gets a piece of Omer’s mind. Haluk grew on me and if you could keep up with the words he spoke in the English translation, he actually made a lot of sense. What happened with Furkan’s marriage to Seda? Aysem thinks Omer’s work is an excuse to leave the house. All suspicions fall on Omer. Angry at Taner, Seda leaves. I have to agree but the translations were horrid. Omer steps forward when Nadide hears Aysem's angry words. Omer and Aysem can finally relax thanks to their amazing nanny. Greatly appreciate Turkish cultural practices. Nb. I have watched about 7-8 Turkish Dramas to date. Omer and Aysem panic when they learn Eda and Nail are in the house together and set out immediately. Is there truly a season 4?? Reha's threat surprises Omer and Aysem. Eda Ece as Zeyno, You Might Also Like I think the couple “Reyhan and Mazhar” was great. Omer’s dad Reha and Ayshem’s aunt Safiye I think. Genre: Romance, Comedy, Youth This happens in Intersection/ Filinta to name a couple off the top of my head. When Aysem’s father finally permits her engagement to Omer, Seda is inwardly grieved. Omer rushes to his mother to ask what she has heard from Safiye. Is there a possibility that Nezih will come back on the show. They urged the filming company to change the story and the players and include some new actors and stories. Someone needed to shave his head and face and stick a sock in his mouth. Rehan just over did her acting! As a former foreign language teacher myself, it makes absolutely no sense to me how somebody could be a translator and not know the difference between one pronoun and another. I was a wreck for half a day. But I had a good few laughs for Furkaans mom and dad. OMG I have almost finishing season 3 I feel like crying :((((( I want to be a season 4 so much does anybody know if there is a season 4?

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