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[19] Some failures to fire were reported in early lots of .30 caliber carbine ammunition, attributed to moisture ingress of the non-corrosive primer compound.[20].

Initially, the M1 carbine was intended to have a selective-fire capability, but the decision was made to put the M1 into production without this feature. Although commonly compared to the later German StG44 and Russian AK-47, the M1 and M2 carbines are under-powered and outclassed by comparison.

Inland Manufacturing, LLC is a private entity that is producing reproductions of the M1 Carbine and M1A1 Paratrooper models that were built by the original Inland Division of General Motors from 1941 to 1945.

The carbine round just didn't have enough stopping power compared to other weapons that were available, so I stashed it away and found myself an M16.

Vietnamese RF/PF outfits usually had early M1 carbines and used them to good advantage when they got into fights.

[41] Fog and rain further reduced the weapon's effective range. [57][58][59] The Royal Ulster Constabulary also used the M1 carbine.[60]. [5] When this occurred, pressing the mag release caused the loaded magazine to drop into the dirt, while the safety remained in the off position. This field adaptation was never officially approved, but proved an efficient method to supply extra ammunition in combat. [16] Therefore, the M1 has a practical effective range of about 200 yards. Getting down to brass tacks and the purpose of the video, we look at the M1A (7.62 NATO / 308 WIN) and the M1 Garand (30-06 Springfield).

Legally a carbine marked M2 is always a machine gun for national firearms registry purposes. McManus, p. 52, "Richard Lovett, of the U.S. Chinese troops frequently wore bandolier-type ammunition pouches and carried extra, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Central Office of Information British Information Services. Note his carbine is equipped with the M3 flash hider. Still more carbines were purchased by Viet Cong agents in Vietnam’s active black market.

On 26 October 1944, in response to the Germans' widespread use of automatic weapons, especially the Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle, the select-fire M2 carbine was introduced, along with a new 30-round magazine. When receivers were shipped for this purpose the manufacturers would often mark them for both companies.

The carbines were stamped according to the branch they were in service with; for instance, those used by the border guard were stamped "Bundesgrenzschutz". [28] The conversion included a modified sear, slide, and trigger housing, and added a disconnector, disconnector lever, and selector switch that could be set for semi-auto or full-automatic fire. The .30 Caliber carbine ammunition was also far cheaper to produce than the standard .30-06 ammunition; used fewer resources, was smaller, lighter, faster and easier to make. The Viet Cong acquired and used many: Some were captured on the battlefield while others were stolen from ARVN stocks. Beretta also adopted the carbine terminology with their CX4 Carbine, which launched 9 years after the original Ruger PC. The loaded 30-round magazine would typically cant (impairing feed reliability) or even fall out, which helps explain why the 30-round magazines have a poor reliability record (they are also more prone to damage due to their added length and weight when loaded as thin steel is used to make them). A more common name for this type of stock is an, Arsenal-refurbished (overstamped M2) model, M2 with mounting (T3 mount) for an early active (infrared) night vision sight, Three versions of night sight (M1, M2, M3), Commercial Controls Corporation (production: 239) Receiver marked "COMMERCIAL CONTROLS", AMAC of Jacksonville, Ark. .30 Carbines, M1, M1A1, M2, and M3. The Việt Minh and the Viet Cong also used large numbers of M1 and M2 carbines, captured from the French, ARVN and local militia forces of South Vietnam, as well as receiving many thousands of carbines from the North Vietnamese Army (NVA), China and North Korea. The M2s had performed poorly in the couple of firefights we were in before we got M16s. The M2 featured the late M1 improvements to the rear sight, addition of a bayonet lug, and other minor changes. lbf (1,311 joules) of energy, when fired from the M1 carbine's 18" barrel. Despite being designed by Winchester, the great majority of these were made by other companies (see § Military contractors below). M3 operators would not only use their carbines to dispatch individual targets, but also used tracer ammo to identify troop concentrations for machine gunners to decimate. Why Bring a Sidearm the Same Caliber as Your Rifle? Henry Arms COVID-19 Update with Hank Strange, 5.11 Expands Everyday Hero Program with Donations to 1st Responders, Thunder You Can Carry! Type standardized to replace the M1A1 but may not have been issued. One of these firearms was also the weapon used in the 1947 assassination of notorious American mobster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. After pronouncing the M1A the “winner,” — which one would hope, since it was intended to replace the Garand — he bends the ol’ brain a bit and decides to compare the guns against the rifles they actually went up against in battle. [5], Contemporary authors have struggled to categorize the M2 carbine. The type IV magazine catch will have a leg on the left side to correspond with the additional nub on the 30-round magazines.

After the First Indochina War ended in July 1954, M1 carbines filtered from the North into the hands of the developing Viet Cong guerrilla forces.The M1 Carbine was a good fit for average-sized ARVN soldiers. The original Auto-Ordnance had produced various parts for IBM carbine production during World War II, but did not manufacture complete carbines until the introduction of this replica. Take it Outside! [5] In total, about 20,000 sets were made before they became obsolete, and were surplussed to the public.

[5][43] Although, the semi-auto M1 carbine was also widely used- especially by support troops.

Accuracy results this time are not different enough to matter. Originally the M1 carbine did not have a bayonet lug, but it was often issued with an M3 fighting knife or a bayonet converted into a fighting knife.

A modified round bolt replaced the original flat top bolt to save machining steps in manufacture. It also could not use the M8 launcher with an M7 auxiliary "booster" charge (to extend its range) without breaking the stock.

put greater strain on the magazine catch, necessitating the development of a sturdier catch. by Tom Laemlein - Perhaps the most common accessory used on the M1 carbine was a standard magazine belt pouch that was mounted to the right side of the stock and held two extra 15-round magazines. After the war, the bayonet lug was added to many M1 carbines during the arsenal refurbishing process. The M1 and M2 carbines were widely used by military, police, and security forces and their opponents during the many guerrilla and civil wars throughout Latin America until the 1990s, when they were mostly replaced by more modern designs. However, in Korea, all versions of the carbine soon acquired a widespread reputation for jamming in extreme cold weather,[44][43][45] this being eventually traced to weak return springs, freezing of parts due to overly viscous lubricants and inadequate cartridge recoil impulse as the result of subzero temperatures. [19][38], The carbine's exclusive use of non-corrosive-primer ammunition was found to be a godsend by troops and ordnance personnel serving in the Pacific, where barrel corrosion was a significant issue with the corrosive primers used in .30-06 caliber weapons. It was also used by German police and border guards in Bavaria after World War II and into the 1950s. For the first time, U.S. soldiers had a weapon that allowed them to visually detect Japanese infiltrating into American lines at night, even during complete darkness.

True untouched war production carbines, therefore, are the most desirable for collectors.[31]. These copies were marketed to the general public and police agencies but were not made for or used by the U.S. military. A standard .30 Carbine soft-point round weighs 110 grains (7.1 g) and has a muzzle velocity of about 1,990 ft/s (610 m/s) giving it about 967 ft⋅lbf (1,311 joules) of energy. James C. Bradford. 5 Ways to Beat the COVID Blues, Harbor Freight Recalls Jack Stands Which May ‘Drop Suddenly’, New Bill in Oklahoma Bans “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Laws, What’s in Your Attic? The M1 Carbine was introduced into Vietnam by French troops during the late 1940s in their war with the communist Viet Minh forces. I carried one for a while after trading an ARVN soldier two cartons of PX cigarettes for his brand new M2 and a couple of magazines. Federal’s New PUNCH Defensive Handgun Bullets, Sig Sauer Fastback Nightmare Carry: More Like a Dream, The Argo XTV is a Different Kind of Machine, He’s Been Generating Free Power for 16 Years Using a Water Wheel, Henry’s Engraved a Golden Boy to Honor Medical Workers, NEW American Made Glass!

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