Is that a good enough example of Thor using his power over magnetism for you to except??? Are these not modern or good enough for you??? Also, magneto is a mortal and an old man, he will tire very quickly since he will need to put his full power into his forcefields as well as try and deflect every single attack thor makes; on the flip side thor is a god and does not tire, he has fought for 40 days in hell non-stop, Thor will outlast magneto and easily triumph. magneto. There's also Thor's other powers like controlling the weather. One legitimate example that is not consistent and another falsely interpreted instance that is just Thor's normal lightning. I remember him killing one of his followers Senyaka? Stopping the drain. Both can absorb magnetic energy, both can control magnetism. Thor flying uncontrollably towards the sun turns around just as he hits the sun and claps his hands with all his might. People who hate anime can you explain why ? Magneto may have something of an edge in terms of energy projection, but then again, Thor is no slouch with his lightning attacks. Has Magneto ever even taken it from his hands to begin with. In both classic and modern feats.

We can argue how much Thor needs to hold the hammer but I've yet to see Magneto actually take it from his hands to even argue that point. He was a cosmic entity stated to be as powerful as a pi$$ed off Odin so Thor had to use To emphasise my point yet again loud and clear, Thor has not consistently used energy absorption in a fight for well over a decade against a non cosmic or Skyfather level opponent. If you're going to cite evidence for Magneto, try and stick to canon sources. A bloodlusted Magneto paralyzes Thor while controlling his iron and blood flow to give him a massive stroke long enough to beat him to death with his own hammer. Thor can win if he strikes first. Lightning is a natural producer of EMPs as well. Magneto in general is more willing to kill people. Heck, mine was pretty much the most modern feat listed. He was cursed in a way that his wounds would not heal. Thor.

arguing that he could have done this or that doesn't really add up. Thor throws his hammer and magneto plucks it out of the air and slaps thor into space with it. But Magneto will control his blood, mind etc when blood lusted.

Kurse said it about as well as it can be said. Magneto himself says so in the Secret Wars Saga. But Magneto has used other powers like holding the iron in someone's blood or manipulating the electromagnetic spectrum or stopping Thor's hammer recently. Are we to ignore all the Magneto feats listed? Thor does not have to touch Mjolnir for it to absorb energy either. You're allowed to edit your own posts to make corrections or additions to it. Maybe your long winded nit picky analysis should have been focused on your own arguments rather than other people's 'boy.'. I'll let it go that you "forgot" but she made it it pretty clear that her powers are simply greater. @strike3: @therkthor: Magneto couldn't even fly back then, rip out blood, shut down nervous systems or disperse electrons etc. I quoted you. he is a god... he has vast superhuman strength, can call on lightning to strike down his opponents.

Man, doesn't anyone ever read the comics before asking who would win in a showdown? Whether that is enough to beat Erik is up for debate, not a hypothetical Thor who uses all his hammer's powers. This is a fight that has them bloodlusted and nothing noted to limit their powers. I forgot. Are we to ignore all the Magneto feats listed? Magneto has about a snowballs chance in hell of beating Thor. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

We can all see how you've changed your post. He's just more powerful, and above planetary especially Bloodlusted. This isn't some weird power he used once in the 1960's like hurricane breath. If Thor does not initially take the fight seriously, Magneto cannot take him down before he up his game if he even needs to. Too bad, Thor has been written in that way for longer than 10 years anyway. now add in Thor's energy projection and his energy absorption which can and has drained magneto in an instant, and this becomes a very clear godstomp. Thor could whip Superman, & Magneto doesn't offer as much of a challenge. I'm arguing how Thor will fight Magneto and you're arguing how you want Thor to fight Magneto. Honestly, what more do I need? But if he doesn't take Mags out immediately, he'll fall in short order. He just took a beating and his devices which are designed to counter EMP's and electrical interference were useless. The difference between Thor and Magneto is that Magneto is willing to utilise most of his abilities more than once in character or bloodlusted. Magneto does not have a reliable way of putting Thor down.

Also with iron in blood trick he can make so that you can't access your abilities. As I already stated, Glory is the exception to the rule. Is this OKT like in the image? I honestly recall him confessing that Hela's curse had weakened him. Thanks OP says they are blood lusted. Yeah, it's not an issue here but a fact is a fact. The overall argument was that Magneto was was nerfed in the fight I mentioned(from back in the 60's) but the real truth is that Thor is the one who tends to be nerfed. Still I've given examples. Mags can literally halt most, if not all, of Mjonirs attacks. Can he keep doing it? i cant believe you still dont see how dumb this is. Magneto sends a mass of shrapnel at Thor which peppers him with little to no effect. Really if your trying to find reason that Thor will ignore the powers he're pretty much trying to ignore the powers he has to argue the fight the way you want it to go. Still I've given examples. Big difference. Maybe that's enough to win against Magneto but Thor will not fight smartly. It was not completely without it's benefits. It's not without reason but over all, I'd say the odds are against him.

Lol it doesn't matter how perfect the example is if it's not consistent with how Thor regularly fights. That's kinda where I see the edge here. The also appears to be a story in which Magneto defeats the entire Avenger's team by himself. thor doesnt need a powerful attack to beat mags going by what you have shown. Those ancient fights don't show what would happen currently, If Thor fights the way he can then he wins. We can all see how you've changed your post. @asgardianbrony: I'm aware that you feel Thor wins. Also, the only reason Thor's lightning wasn't absorbed by Iron Man's armor is because it was probably too damaged to work. Obviously he can control Thor's hammer, so that's out of question. Not once was it stated or shown that Thor's power or strength was reduced.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The hammer it's self can absorb energy and Thor does not have to be touching it to do so. Thor wins. The only other abilities Thor has used his hammer for other than smashing and lightning are creating portals and vibrational sensing. Where is the rule that only feats in the last decade count? A storyline that's even older than the one I used. @bones309: Wasn't a lie. So you simply want to argue that Thor won't use the power he has to win here?
Then he can do this to finish with the abilities shown in post 11. I can see the good guy holding back but the bad guy......well why didn't he? then thor can punch him to death, or strike him with lightning. Stop pretending that I'm breaking some non existent rules. Anyway, Magneto's force fields have held off against Phoenix and even Galactus, so a puny little asgard is no match for him. Assuming he could basically no sell anything Thor throws is faulty if he's never even tanked a holding back energy projection attack. I'd say this comes down to them both going crazy with their powers. True, Thor may be a so-called "God", but his powers are way below the omnipotent level. The two times that Thor absorbed Magnetic energy on large scale he had to have Mjolnir in his hand.

Yet, for some reason you demand me to list even more. Bloodlusted he'll just have use his magnetic powers for a second or two and tear Magneto like a wet paper bag. Are there really people out there so gullable who actually think this can be enforced ? Thor has not used his exotic powerset recently, hell Jane has used the hammer's powers with greater versatility than Thor has and she's only had the hammer for what, 2-3 years? Magneto has the advantage in the comparison. He doesn't even need Mjolnir to beat him. Thor's power was reduced, this was shown quit a lot. TEees a 50–50% chance each can win, How magneto can win: thanos doesent have the time stone, so he can’t rewind, or freeze time, and magneto uses his powers; takes the gauntlet and destroys it because the gauntlet is made of a type of metal.

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