A building in Pioneer Square was used for what was called Digicom in the film. Some of his last westerns before these like The Train Robbers and Cahill were really not up to standard and didn't get the reception at the box office Wayne films could usually expect. Filming Locations — ... McQ Merchandising Links: Browse or Purchase.... order the videotape! The myth of Sasquatch originates from the Pacific Northwest, after all. The costs of producing and distributing movies were too high. Elsewhere, Detective Lieutenant Lon "McQ" McHugh (Wayne) escapes an attempt on his life by a professional hit man named Patty Samuels. e. The admission costs were too high for most people to attend movies. Olympic Peninsula, Washington, USA. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. Thomas, Kevin (February 1, 1974). Coproducer Lawrence Roman's script has some good twists, turns and ironies, caught well by director John Sturges. During the climactic car chase on the beach one of the gangsters chasing McQ (John Wayne) appears to be using a Remington 870 shotgun. No. The Spanish 9mm Star Model B was a frequent substitute for the Government 1911s in the older days of cinema. The beach scenes were filmed on the Pacific coast at Moclips. Seattle vs. Portland - Which Northwest City is Better and Why? McQ pursues Santiago's men, but they escape. A special lens. Kosterman relieves McQ of his Colt revolver. There are no costs for costumes or historical settings to be created. Just before dawn in Seattle, a man in a car dons dark glasses, leather gloves and loads a 9mm silenced automatic handgun. No cowboy hats. Here are 100 fun movie trivia questions with answers, covering Disney movies, horror films, and even '80s movies trivia. Because he and Boyle had been investigating drug trafficking in the city, McQ is convinced from the start that the target of their investigation, local shipping magnate and suspected narcotics dealer Manny Santiago (Al Lettieri), is responsible for the shootings, a view hardened by the hitman’s attempt on him. Some scenes are deleted or modified, but on the whole the book is true to the movie in both dialogue and plot. New Bond Trailer Has Obscure Nineties Maserati, Netflix Is Making a Drama About Ayrton Senna. The movie used sports facilities around the Puget Sound, including Husky Stadium at University of Washington as the Olympic stadium in the film, as well as The Buckaroo Tavern (4021 Fremont Avenue N, Seattle) and Discovery Park (3801 W. Government Way, Seattle). a. Somewhere along the line it also turned into a way to show others that had the same fascination I did, regarding wanting to know where some of their favorite movies were filmed, where they were and how to find them. "[7] Wayne had rejected the lead in Dirty Harry a few years prior to this film, which he later admitted to regretting. The map shows major locations in Seattle and then breaks down which films feature each one. At a luncheonette, as he washes his hands, he momentarily flashes a police badge owned by Detective Stan Boyle (William Bryant). If you want a visual aid on your movie location scouting, the City of Seattle Film Office has created a useful map. There are subtle differences, such as McQ living in an apartment rather than a boat. "We built a cannon 16 inches in diameter with inch-and-a-half-thick walls—because I knew what was going to happen inside that cannon—and welded it to the back floorboard behind the driver's seat with the muzzle pointed toward the ground." “Life or Something Like It” hits up locations all around Seattle, including Kerry Park (211 W Highland Drive), The Bookstore Bar and Café (1007 1st Avenue), Icon Grill (1933 5th Avenue), Alki Beach, and Safeco Field (1250 1st Avenue S). It can be even more fun to go hunt down some spots that were featured in a movie or two. Here's the story, as told by our friends at Popular Mechanics: In the 1974 action film McQ, starring John Wayne, legendary stunt coordinator Ronnie Rondell and Needham stage a spectacular car rollover on the beach. But since this shot was planned for the flat and desolate beach, they couldn't hide a ramp with bushes or shrubs; it would look too odd. The doctor told Needham, "You have six broken ribs, a punctured lung, broken back." Just a Trans Am, a Belvedere, a MAC-10, and a historic stunt. And of course Wayne was bowing to the public's new taste in heroes.   |  1. Since Needham was in the hospital, he enlisted McLarty to perform the actual movie stunt (with a lot less explosives onboard) and he rolls the car several times, emerging from the wreckage unhurt. The production companies use low-end equipment and minimal production crews. "[9], James M. Tate of Cult Film Freaks said the movie has a film noir quality: "Director John Sturges was, like Wayne, best known for making Westerns, a genre McQ borrows from with the maverick loner versus an eclectic string of feisty (and often sneaky) antagonists, each with their own lethal agenda, sometimes even coming out of the woodwork with guns blazing. You're not going to pull that Mickey Peters thing again! I also think those rugged western locations were becoming a problem healthwise. As a result Wayne would make two modern police dramas back to back. This site is for research, and is not meant to infringe on the rights of the owners of this motion picture. They believed people could not sit patiently for a long time. Eddie Albert and Diana Muldaur co-star. The first police drama set in the modern era that John Wayne ever made. Action, Crime, Drama. And Needham himself counted three teeth missing. Spaces between the text as well as the text itself. The Seattle Art Museum (100 University Street), Seattle Monorail, and at the Sakaya Monastery (108 NW 83rd Street) are all in the movie. The film also features Roger E. Mosley as a pimp and police snitch, Clu Gulager as a corrupt police detective, Colleen Dewhurst as a waitress who is a cocaine addict and informant, and Al Lettieri in one of his final roles, as the most visible villain of the film, the drug king Santiago. Mq is a cop with a mission. A self-guided movie tour of Seattle and Tacoma can be a new way to get out and explore, or a fine way to impress out-of-town, movie buff guests. McQ breaks into Santiago's office but is cornered by Santiago and his men. While filming the beach scenes in 1973, the crew stayed at the Polynesian Hotel (The "Poly") in Ocean Shores. The University of Puget Sound in Tacoma was used for many exterior shots, while other towns from Stanwood to Olympia served as backdrops, too. The film opens on the streets of Belltown, but also has shots of Jeff Bridges heading past Pike Place Market, hanging out at Ivar’s Acres of Clams on Pier 54, at Four Seasons Olympic Hotel (411 University Street), at Roosevelt Hotel (1531 7th Avenue), at Masin’s Furniture Company (220 2nd Avenue S), and some shots at Pioneer Square, too. The film made extensive use of Seattle locations. PART 1: MCQ from Number 1 – 50 Answer key: PART 1. In the first, we join at the end of a shootout, after which McQ jumps in his Brewster Green '73 Pontiac Trans Am in an attempt to chase down a baddie.

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