It is very intelligent and learns any move. Mewtwo's return in September 2019 gave it access to its signature attack, Psystrike. Calculate a Pokemon's category score as a percentage of its average weighted Battle Rating to the #1 Pokemon. I used 1 fast to get poison jab, one charge to get dragon claw, then added surf.

People using mostly bulky mons allows for Mew to either eat their shields or deal a lot of neutral damage ( shadow claw and dragon tail both offer big neutral coverage). – Despite this, Mewtwo boasts one of the largest attack stats in the game, mainly falling short of several Mega Evolutions, Mewtwo has many claims with the highest non-Shadow/Mega Psychic-type DPS now and quite possibly for all-time thanks to Psystrike, hitting insane damage levels without breaking a sweat. However, there are much better options for Fighting-type DPS. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved.

How to use: You need to know your Pokemon's exact level. Thanks to that raid day we got something that we’d have to wait so…. I would love to have ice beam, congrats. This move combination has the highest total DPS and is also the best moveset for PVP battles. Little Cup League is Coming to Pokémon GO Battle League! Climbing to 2900 with Wormadam in the Halloween Cup for Pokémon GO Battle League! Mew is said to possess the genetic composition of all Pokémon. It currently has, but I’m trying to build up some TM’s and try for better. In Generation 1, Mew has a base Special stat of 100. Used 1 fast and 1 charge, got Snarl WildCharge, built a team around it (no other dark or ghost fast move, no other electric moves). Only do this if matchups are even (same shields). These calculations are run for each matchup, and then totaled across the format. Or just spend all the charged TMs you have and see what you get. You know it! In Generations 1-4, Mew has a base experience yield of 64. Ice Beam has the same energy cost as Shadow Ball and offers extra coverage against Flying- and (non-Ghost or Steel) Dragon-types instead. Unless you can get yourself a Lv13 Mewtwo (you can’t), Mewtwo can’t be used in Great League. The former king and current prince of Pokemon Go, Mewtwo's stats and moveset options are strong enough that it once persuaded trainers to take off work and pursue EX eligible gyms for a chance at capturing the Genetic Pokemon. The best Pokemon overall across multiple roles. Blizzard is ok, but as with any one bar move, how much energy your fast move creates plays a big part. Simulate every possible matchup and assign a Battle Rating for each Pokemon. To find exactly what level your Pokémon is, power up your Pokémon following this chart until you're certain of your level from Stardust cost changes. 10.9 dps. This mythical Pokémon is said to be extinct, but sightings of it are still being reported to this day.

On the other hand, some Pokemon see more balanced usage in their Charged Moves. Mine came with Shadow Claw and Blizzard. How to use: You need to know your Pokemon's exact level. What was your best try in making a team that could hit all 18 types super-effectively. Once Mew uses Psychic/Psyshock 10 times, then it would have to settle with Struggle. They aren't set-in-stone fact, but a best guess at which Pokemon might or might not be good for Trainer Battles. Snarl. This new introduction of the PvP Battling brings up an entirely new way of thinking about the ranks of the Pokemon. Is it worth an investment? I used no more than 5 charge TM for dragon claw, came with psyschock.

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