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Two block upgrades are planned for the MH-60S including organic MCM capability in FY í05 and, later, "an armed variant with a forward looking infrared capability, precision-guided munitions and an integrated self-defense package," according to the Naval Air System Command. MiG-29SMT Fulcrum Multirole Fighter Aircraft, MH-60S Seahawk (Knighthawk) Multimission Naval Helicopter, CH-53E Super Stallion Heavy-Lift Helicopter, United States of America, US announces intent to sell 50 F-35s to UAE, Boeing partners with five companies for Canada’s FFCP, RSAF CH-47 helicopter crew conduct deck landings on HMAS Adelaide, Brazilian Air Force officially presents its first F-39E Gripen, Pratt & Whitney contracted to carry out F135 engine modernisation study.

The helicopter was originally designated CH-60S as a replacement for the US Navy’s Boeing CH-46D Sea Knight heavy-lift helicopters in the vertical replenishment role. Guided-missile destroyer USS Chung-Hoon (DDG 93) launches an SM-2 missile and fires the MK 45 five-inch gun during Rim... Live fire from ships and aircraft participating in the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise sink the decommissioned amphibious... Have you ever wondered what helicopter pilots carry on them? The MH-60R … The fully integrated glass cockpit is equipped with four 8in × 10in (20.3cm × 25.4cm) full-colour multi-function mission and flight displays that are night-vision goggle-compatible and sunlight-readable.

MH-60R Missions The MH-60R, also called the Seahawk, is a multi-mission helicopter used by the Navy for anti-submarine warfare and surface attack. All Helicopter Anti-Submarine Light (HSL) squadrons that receive the Romeo are redesignated Helicopter Maritime Strike (HSM) squadrons. The total estimated value of the deal is $1.2bn.

Equipped with AQS-22 airborne low frequency dipping sonar, a multi-mode radar and Lockheed Martin Hellfire anti-ship missiles, as well as the capability to carry a Mk 54 torpedo, the MH-60R is expected to serve as a key anti-surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare capability extension for the Navyís cruiser squadrons and destroyer squadrons. The Blk III 60S carries external stores on a Blackhawk style stub wing, as seen [below]. The structure of the MH-60S is based on the proven design features of the UH-60L Black Hawk and the naval variant, the SH-60B Seahawk. The prime contractor for the common cockpit is the Owego Helo Systems division of Lockheed Martin Systems Integration at Owego New York. The helicopter is equipped with a hover-in-flight refuelling system (HIFR) and fuel dump vents. The tail rotor has redundant fail-safe controls. The MH-60R will gradually replace the LAMPS Mk III SH-60B and aircraft-carrier-borne SH-60F helicopters now in service. Telephonics Corp supplies the communication management system. Development testing was completed in February 2007 to be followed by operational evaluation and service entry. The Navy is anticipated to purchase a total of 291 MH-60R helicopters. The naval H-60s are powered by two General Electric T700-GE-401C turbine engines producing 1,700 shaft horsepower each. Dont get me wrong HSC is awesome( though not as awesome as HSM), it just meant no one else really got to talk about their platforms. var addthis_share = {}; The helicopter is fitted with a 2,721.55kg (6,000lb) cargo hook for vertical replenishment missions. MTS-A includes seven fields of view colour TV camera, a forward-looking infrared system with electronic zoom, laser rangefinder / designator / illuminator and triple mode video auto tracker. The multi-mission Sikorsky MH-60S Knighthawk helicopter entered service in February 2002. The tailwheel position is the most obvious as is the squadron designator (HSM vs HSC), but other tells are: 3. The sensor operator station is installed in the cabin.

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