He describes himself as disciplined but says he doesn’t take himself too seriously. You may have seen Mike Hughes from History Channel’s Top Shot Season 3. They’ve got a number of types of pistols, like a GLCOK 17/22, S&W M&P, SIG P320, and a bolt for the AR 15 platform. Once on these, each contestant would shoot the Larue Tactical OBR at a target before going to the next station. Britt has a similar background to Mike. Compare that to a high school basketball kid making hundreds of thousands of baskets a year. I figured that the recoil will cause more muzzle flip and I will have time to cock the hammer and reestablish grip. I guess I’ll leave it at that. The range was basically across from the house, through the valley out there in the middle part of California. The following day, the contestants headed to the Shooting Range to participate in the first Team Challenge. Not being afraid of failure in competitive shooting or overall training. The Principles of Muscle Control in Shooting and Drawing.

Particularly when there was something that really had some oomph to it, like the Gatling gun and what have you. Britt brings up Mike being on History Channel’s Top Shot and we talk about that process to get onto the show and some of the behind the scenes stories. Before participating in the challenge, the Red Team had to decide who to sit out on Blue Team, choosing Jarrett Grimes. It was a long six weeks for Mike, but he shared his secret to success. AS: Has it been difficult to keep the whole thing bottled up and secret? AS: I can imagine. On the second station, Blue Team fell slightly behind, but at the water pit, was able to catch up. Mike, I’d really like to thank you for talking to me, I really do appreciate this opportunity. After Mike and Alex got up the pole, the former lifted the Larue, but was informed by his teammate that he forgot to load it. A SIRT pistol would be a great item to buy while we’re still in quarantine/lockdown/stay at home. It’s going to be very interesting to say the least. Jake, who was assigned to the last station, was not able to shoot at the last two targets before Chris Collins of Red Team was finished, resulting in Blue Team's first loss. They’ve been good about getting folks that aren’t so much in to guns to watch the show, I know my wife for sure. That’s always a fun time because you’re no longer on teams and it’s everyone for themselves. "With the season finale of Top Shot season 3 airing tonight it's time to finish up my exclusive behind the scenes interview with Phil Morden of Milford, Michigan. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; Is SIRT planning on making a compact version of its model? MH: Yes.

My mind was more focused on whether to take the time to cock the hammer for each shot and have a more crisp single action trigger break or pull the trigger for each shot maintaining my grip and shoot double action only.

Dustin Ellermann was a contestant of Top Shot Season Three. So it’s actually really interesting to watch the horse challenge, Cliff throttled the cannonball challenge, this last bow and arrow challenge where Chris and Cliff duked it out. The powerful green laser makes a huge difference because it’s visible outside. However, the Red Team arrived here first, claiming all of the bottom bunks of the beds, giving the Blue Team a very limited choice on where they would sleep. Occupation: President, Firearms Training Equipment Company, Mike Hughes says that playing college football taught him more than attending engineering and law school. Here, Dustin Ellermann read some encouraging verses from the bible. AS: If you get way too used to just one gun, you get in to a specialist role, and don’t really have the adaptability that you really need. It’s worked out extremely well for my training. amzn_assoc_title = "Firearms Training Tips"; I mean, as far as shooting sports goes, a great sport to start at is simple steel challenge. Here, Colby announced that the contestants would be shooting the AK-47 under guidance by expert, Craig Sawyer. ―Mike Hughes [src] Mike Hughes, often called Big Mike, was a contestant of Top Shot Season Three. Click Here For The Schedule Near You, Episode 452: The Value of Visual Stimulus in Defensive Firearm Training, Can I Use A Belt as a Tourniquet? Baker Linebacker to Appear on History Channel’s Top Shot, Washington All-Time Playoff Team Performances, TNT Checks in on UPS Team Camp (with Video), Washington All-Time Playoff Teams — Adjusted Winning Percentage [UPDATED], StatewideStats.Com News & Blog » Blog Archive » Mike Hughes Returns to Top Shot. Mike was originally eliminated during Week Nine, after losing an Elimination Challenge against Gary Quesenberry.

He eventually reached the Season 3 Finale where he lost to Dustin Ellermann.

When the contestants returned to the house, the Red Team held a team meeting while the Blue Team met in the kitchen. Here, Mike did well with the weapon, and the Blue Team walked away, confident they would win the upcoming challenge. We’re pretty pleased, especially with the new models we’re putting out — the M9 and the M&P — here very shortly. In 2009, after a decade of practicing law, Mike founded his own firearms training company. I think because Chris Tilley filled the lane as a competitive shooter. The following day, the Red Team left again to witness the Elimination Challenge. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; The Blue Team started with a lead, but after the third station, their lead had slightly diminished. AS: I agree. In the end, Dustin was victorious, having ended up with 23 points in comparison to Sara's 11 points. He had invented his own training pistol, which he calls the SIRT. What was the hardest shot to make on Top Shot? What's a day in the life of Mike Hughes like when training for an event? (2011). But I don’t have a huge preference over any one gun I think. Here, they instantly noticed a number of platforms set up with targets in the distance. U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- I met Mike & Britt at SHOT Show 2020 thanks to Klint Macro & Matt Mallory from Meet The Pressers. Mike Hughes, a Class of 1991 lineman/linebacker at Mount Baker, will be appearing as a competitor in the third season of the History Channel’s Top Shot.. Mike, who went on to play at the University of Idaho, cites the influence of football in his Top Shot Bio.. Granted, this is a tangent to the site, but Mike is someone I admired as a person, athlete and competitor. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

I think I might be able to squeeze a little bit more performance out of that platform. I see that issue sometimes with some 1911 shooters that are just shooting the 1911, which has of course its very sweet single-action, low poundage, low over-travel, short resetting trigger.

Mike was a finalist on Season 3 of the hit show Top Shot on the History Channel, played college football at the University of Idaho, and practiced law for over a decade. It should be interesting changing things up in the team dynamic. “But I am always a good sport.”, […] A few months ago, we posted about former Mt. After he hit his target, Paul commenced firing at his target, and after a few shots, was able to destroy it. The first obstacle was a pipe that needed to be crawled through. He was originally a member of the Blue Team, but after making it to the final seven, he joined the Green Team. He then stated that to get onto the platforms, they would not climb the ladders built on, but use a sixteen foot pole which would have to be carried to each station. When I found out that it was going to be six weeks, I had to back out. Legislation affecting gun rights in the 2019 session. AS: It’s a good thing, too. However, after the resignation of Jake Zweig in the following episode, he was brought back to the competition.

Was that your first time with one of those? I’ve read a few place that there’s a very large fine, I don’t remember what the value was, if you leak out the secret.

Is that right? AS: In regards to Top Shot… how’d you find out about the show? He was originally a member of the Blue Team, but after making it to the final seven, he joined the Green Team.

... MIKE HUGHES: I got in to shooting after playing college football, just for a competitive outlet actually. At the stations, the contestants would destroy the two corresponding targets using the AK-47.

AS: I understand. The History Channel website. You're the fly on the rearview mirror. If anyone picks a gun, and just simply trains, they’re going to be well off. Mike arrived for Top Shot along with the other fifteen contestants. When they returned, it was announced to Blue Team that Amanda Hardin and Mark Schneider were sent to this challenge. That looks like a pretty impressive product you’ve got there. What was that like? Was it a pretty good area they had for the land there?

Even when we passed time by playing chess and what have you, I would have given anything for a laptop, a book, to doing something productive. Mike played football in college. You get to see the passengers. It’s working out really well. MH: There was very little to do to keep entertained. “I’m very competitive—I will win or die trying,” he declares. Also, since I am not “calibrated” with this particular gun with regard to the location of the trigger break, it made more sense to shoot the gun single action. And you win. In terms of 2nd Amendment stuff… the History Channel has been good about getting folks on Top Shot that are fairly level headed and show people that gun owners aren’t weirdos or freaks of nature. AS: The difference between the green and red is really night and day. Mike Hughes. Some of the discussed topics included…. MH: It was just difficult to be that unproductive. But then after that, it was very difficult to go from 100 miles per hour to being extremely unproductive. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Britt has been on board since the beginning of NLT. Mike is passionate about speed, and accuracy, and has a love for fundamentals.

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