The advice from the site themselves and the FBI is that if you get targeted, report it to Facebook and the police straight away. They will block me 99% percent of the time. He sent these people money and said it was absolutely legit. Also a friend of mine was hacked and send me messages of her winnings and when I called her we realize that her facebook is hacked, I had this happen to me to saying if I send 200 I would get 650.000 ya right I send nothing I knew it was a scam from the start. I am one that got scammed to I was contacted in May and fell for it I got scammed big time about 10 thousand dollars and now in debt I want my money back! a friend of mine on facebook private messaged me and asked…"have you heard the good news?" from ‭+1 (469) 404-1811‬ stating:“Dear winner, Congratulations your number was seleted among the lucky winners for the Facebook Social Giveaway Lottery Grant. There was a fee that had to be paid so I paid it then I received pictures of four were winners and also a picture of the credit card that I was to be receiving. This is happening to me to in hangouts she name is Jeni Williams she gives me the number of Headquarters of fb, so please if someone read this email me for help please help me on this email jonnagashi 4 days ago and now she wants 435.00 to claim prize, I also got a msg saying that I won 250,000 but for me to get the prize money I have to pay 3500 that’s a red light and I never signed up for any lottery for me to win anything so I blocked that person and reported his profile, I’m getting messages from one of them right now saying I won 950,000,000 USD. Love playing games with these heartless turds. Geez people, NOTHING is free, especially not $500,000. If they get evasive I ask them if they are trying to scam me. I fell into this scam lost large amount of money and they still trying to hammer me for money 600$ as of today 2019 July 28th. I kept telling him that I wasn’t interested anymore and he kept insisting that I take it and send him my info. Or…, What is a Ransomware attack? It was for 50,000 dollars. I don’t know if the lottery is real…but if a person has won……. I just had the same message on instant messenger but I think they must have hacked into a friends Facebook page. Wish I had someone like you to help me as I’ve been scammed over the last three years now and lost £19,000.00I know I’ve been stupid now but everything seamed real and I fell for it. I’m dealing with the same scam. I got caught up in this yesterday. thank you. I realized it was a hoax then. Hopefully their fraud department will shut it down and rescue any monies paid by other punters. I got one too said I won 600,000.00 and when all said and done I needed to pay shipping and handling insurance came to a total of $500.00 dollars will I still get messages they even said that the state police had been notified and so was the FBI are both aware of the winning. they have gotten better. However for the purpose of proper verification among other relevant information, it is imperative that you forward your claims to ourn claim department with the below details.FULL NAME:FULL CONTACT ADDRESS:MOBILE PHONE NUMBER:OCCUPATION:MARITAL STATUS AND AGE:NATIONALITY / COUNTRY:YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS: Correspondences. Here’s the number as well (650)785-2710. They want me to keep this secret. After you connect with ‘the agent’, he asks you to open a bank account at a financial-looking website (such as They do not. It is about an SBA disaster loan applications, so here's a…, Do you know what to do if you have been scammed over the phone? I have one going on right now I got text and IDs from all the ones involved they say they or from Facebook, CEO Mark and one from Mrs. Sandburg a one from us attorney general with IDs and so on is it true or not I need to know who to report to. I was contacted by Peggy Sarah on Twitter and she said I won money from Facebook and my first question was why aren’t contacting on those platforms any way she wanted me to pay for the delivery of the money I was had won…lol yeah right ok so I eventually blocked her and reported her to Twitter. But also asked if I want cashiers check or ATM CARD I said card next it was send money. (To be continued.). Your friend’s account is real, but he/she got hacked – and the scammer contacts everyone on their friends’ list, including yourself. To make this short I blocked them. My friend fell for this crap, even after I told him exactly how the scam would work. They cost €20 each and are Quick Pick only, so you don't even need to fill out numbers. So they wanted me to open up an acct. Said to email another for verification and funds release form. Contacted by Christen Dowell on Facebook claiming she was a lottery claim agent for USAID saying I had to choose the amount I wanted for a fee…the scammer had hacked a friend Facebook account and pretended it was her and lied telling me it was legit. Don’t be one of them. Don’t be like me block them from the beginning. Not much, $275. I just got scam out of $3550.00 dollars they said I won a $500,000.00 F B Lottery, they said to send this money and I would receive my Lottery in the Morning at 9:00 AM, then I contacted these jerks by their e-mail they well you owe another $500.00 so I can scam.

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