Streets of Rage soundtracks were mind-blowing for the time and still hold up as fascinating relics of what could be squeezed out of the hardware. All in all this is just dire, all the (marginally) deeper gameplay mechanics are absent due to the lack of combos, and even the core gameplay feels much more sluggish, and unwieldy than the other versions. SNES - The animation here is much better than the Mega Drive version, its far smoother, and far more frames have been retained, Sub Zero also has his own standing animation which was absent in the Mega Drive port. Plus, I can't stand The list goes on. These are nice for breaking up the flow of gameplay and work well on both versions. Megadrive (Genesis in Europe) had Phantasy Star, Shining Force, Crusader of Centy, Legend of Thor… On SNES, Zelda and Legend of Mana. using the shoulder buttons for this game ...I need my block and run where The Genesis was a worthy contender and ended up being Sega’s only successful console. Now you go where the exclusives are, or your friends. In my opinion, I would say the Genesis conversion is the superior version. Genesis - Unlike the SNES' soundtrack, the Genesis version's seems absolutely amazing, like SS put some real effort into getting everything they could out of the Genesis' sound chip. MK3 and UMK3 are better on the Genesis. Also, the voice in the SNES version is PS4’s indie roster isn’t heathy. Mega Drive - This has very weak sound effects, they're lacking in impact and sound a bit simplified in comparison to the arcade game, and the other versions (Raiden doesn't spout gibberish anymore when he charges forward for instance, but there are many, many other omissions), this also has the fewest voice samples of every version. One of the more notorious of omissions here is the lack of blood. it to: The illusion of more colors, from less. Mega CD - Now this is just sloppy, this round should be an easy win for the Mega CD, I mean its CD audio right? Don't tell me the Genesis couldn't have had a better port of this. If SNK released their double speed bios revision SNK would have had the world’s first 48 bit machine, IDK how you keep ignoring this. The only port which was better on Genesis was Mortal Kombat, & once MKII came out, that game was archaic. I personally like the Genesis version but you can make the case for either. Mega CD - This version has a new intro (which is the old TV advert), and retains the original Goro intro, bio, and ending pictures, the bio's have actually been improved, and are now animated like the original arcade game. Nintendo didn’t reply heavily on the success of the Nes. So I thought I'd get around to playing my 1000+ games over 23 consoles, and review them too. My dear god. as a result you can now do an infinite combo on any character standing at the edge of the screen from full health to death simply by tapping the punch button (well, pretty much any button to be honest). at times, then clicks right back. Mathew is a huge fan of Space, Strategy, and Shadowrun (Genesis version is #1). Publishers seemed to have more freedom with the Mega Drive and Sega wisely played the adult image up. Before we get the obligatory "Probe are lazy" comments though, I'd like to add that its possible the only reason why Sculptured Software re-wrote the game for SNES is simply because they literally had no choice, the SNES may not have been fast enough to do a straight port over and have the game actually working acceptably. Not an endless mission generator and it doesn’t have a fantastic story. Synths on the Megadrive were astounding, but it was mediocre for orchestral tunes. Quickly running through the voice samples, this version seems to have "get over here", "fight", "finish him", and "excellent", Its missing all the character names (for both the player select screen, and the winner announcement at the end of the match), as well as "fatality", "flawless victory", "test your might", and "come ere". We hope you want to join our TRMK Forums. Gamers could now hear timpani, violins, and more. my thumb can reach them. The megadrive did NOT have the cooler lookin colnsole and controls and cooler image. I personally think Mortal Kombat on Genesis plays better and for Street Fighter I also prefer the genesis version :D Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat Snes Vs Genesis Help loving the fiery defense 2 years on! The thing is, if you have check out the. Genesis - Again, a lot like MK2/MK2 32X: The backgrounds seem to be about And yes, Road Rash is killer, easily one of my favorite games from that generation and one of the biggest strengths Sega had. You can even Leave Comments on our Latest News Posts or talk about something other than video games in our General Discussion area. Take a close look at some of them, ever wonder why Kano's It's almost like, since Genesis has better draw distance and sound vs better graphics and framerate on SNES. The sega 6 button controller didnt ship as standard for a very long time, so cannot be used as a tool to fight for the genesis in this case. Maybe SS couldn't Gunstar heroes didn’t have it. the PCE, that system has no extra silicone for music, how many resources are used to make music and it has less sprites than the MD on screen at once but a larger sprite area? I love the ida that they recruited the top Sonic Rom hacker to make the next Sonic. out of the Genesis' sound chip. And they did it correct and accurate. The Genesis could rock the house like no other, but the SNES was an impressive leap from the 8-bit era and was much more versatile . Nintendo’s library are more interesting than sega’s library, that’s a fact. It’s not your favorite game from that generation. Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger, Link to the Past, Super Mario RPG, Donkey Kong Country series, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy IV and VI, Harvest Moon, Sonic the Hedgehog series, Gunstar Heroes, Road Rash, Phantasy Star, Shining Force,  Shadowrun, Streets of Rage, Kid Chameleon, Revenge of Shinobi, Golden Axe. The six button genesis controller couldn’t dent th Snes controller. Great point about the processor and mode7 style effects of the great Gunstar Heroes. The changes here are actually so drastic that most of the songs are essentially unrecognisable, every now and then you recognise a small section of music from the arcade game, but the music and arenas are jumbled up anyway so its difficult to notice. it or not, the Genesis really has more animation than the SNES version. Your email address will not be published. When it comes to games and films, he’d much rather experience a 10/10 classic from yesteryear than a 6/10 modern blandfest. a crisp res, so the dithering(especially on the Genesis) is really apparent, Here are just some of my observations based on the time I've spent with Remember: The Genesis and SNES were NOT meant to be displayed at such a crisp res, so the dithering(especially on the Genesis) is really apparent, and looks much worse than it does on a conventional TV. Palace Gates, The Pit, Warrior Shrine, and Throne Room, are all remixes. Everything here tends to be a little more grainy, and colour choices don't fit as well as the Mega Drive game (let alone the SNES game), Goro's Lair for example has worse looking colour choices for the ground and skeleton (see screenshot 2). From the PS2 era on, all platforms had an even playing field of including any sound they wanted. any of you have the first two games for the genesis? I didn't "know" it was censorship, but things like bloodless defeat portraits and Cammy's incredibly stiff standing animation always looked very awkward to me as a kid (and of course still does nowadays, especially since I know it's censorship.). really matters): Where the stages themselves are concerned; in the Throne Room stage Shang Tsung (who sits in the background watching in that arena) does not move his head to follow the fighters like he did in the arcade, nor does he clap when the match is over, there are also missing animated torches in Palace Gates, and the audience of Courtyard don't clap either. Mega Drive - The graphics here are a little disappointing truth be told, whilst they do look quite recognisable to the original arcade game there are some pretty big omissions from many of the arena's which make them look quite bare in some places, and a lot of the floor. Out of the new compositions I would say The Pit, and Throne Room are the stand-outs, both sound excellent, and are very memorable, Palace Gates is also pretty good, its a little repetitive, but its catchy and gives that stage a great new atmosphere.

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