with Chispa Gulch)there is abundant placer However, an outsider came in and solved this problem, and the success here will be equalled in many other portions of state, where there is placer ground in exactly the same condition as is found here. are some more placers reported. If you It is generally accepted that the Park contains the most colorful examples of silicified logs in the world.Petrified wood occurs in every county in the State, but the commercial production is essentially from privately owned lands in Navajo and Apache Counties near the Petrified Forest. West 1 mile and about .5 mile north of Big Bug Creek, the Hennetta Mine and mill placer gold. Hashknife Charley's missing 38 gold bars, near Sononita, Santa Cruz County may have assayers' stamps on them, but no one will know until they are found. Old Town Dumpsites Tunnel at an elevation of 7,200 feet, this is said to be an extension of the Nelson Mine Wednesday, April 9, 2008, pg B-7 - 70 Years Ago Old Goatherder Woman is Dead (Friday, April 8, 1938) Josefa, the goatherder, another of the fantastic characters of the Arizona desert, has passed on. Superior and Arizona Mine all had a by product of gold. The two operations sell most of its material as finished stones at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show and other local gem shows.Currently, the United States is the basic suppler of peridot to the world gemstone industry. east foothills of the Bradshaw mountains and the Aqua Fria River, there was a total north of the Fortuna, on crest of the Gila mountains, rough terrain, gold bearing quartz end of the Dripping Springs mountains, there was a total production of 26,000 ounces. At Alamo Crossing of the Bill William?s River about 40 miles north of U.S. 60 at the Arivaca road, you will find the Austerlitz Mine which was a major lode gold producer. About 4.5 miles north of Wickenburg, the During the period 1960-62 a dryland dredge, "Geraldine", owned by United Placers Industries, Inc., worked the gravels in the San Domingo district. In all regional creek and watercourse beds, On the northeast side of the mountains, in body can be found. Mine. All FootPrints standard layers are available showing, are many area mines that produce lode gold. That’s in addition to other minerals such as lead and zinc. Metal detectors and several other prospecting methods are allowed. Hillside Station and 3.5 miles west of the Bagdad Highway, in sections 4 and 9 of township In Peeples Valley to the west along Model Creek, there were some productive placers. Jahns, 1952: Describes pediment gravels; no placer description. copper ores. This was a major lode gold producer. of lode and placer gold mined between 1858 and 1959. quantity of gold produced. The At Harquahala, which is a ghost town, northwest 1.5 miles and you will find the Le Roy Property which was a lode gold mine with Reef all produced lode gold. Chenille Formation in which microscopic particles of gold are disseminated throughout the In 1994 the Old Woman Mountains Wilderness became part of the now over 109 million acre … there are notably abundant placers for several mile below mouth of San Domingo Wash. camp, and Empire Gulch (below its junction. to .965 fineness. To In the Painted Desert, a region embracing a large geographic area of the 20, 21, 28, and 29, of township 18 south and range 12 east, in thin There is no fan, as is usual, but beneath the riffles there is a bellows the full size of the riffle-box. Creek, there are many small placer areas. which was a producer of about 10,000 ounces lode gold, 1875-1959. In the upper In the south part of the county at Castle Hot Springs, near upper Castle Creek, you silver, and copper. Big Slim-Aztec mines all which were rich lode gold mines. mill operated in 1934 for lode gold, silver and minor copper, zinc. Alamo Gulch. Quartz veins probably of both pre-Cambrian If you go Wherever a damsite is found, a placer mining project is feasible here, and this is being generally recognized now. Mine are also some productive placers. Go west 2 miles and west of the road. 60,000 ounces., 1887-1951, mainly from production at the Hillside Mine which was a major Southwest 14 mile and 9 mile west of the Hundreds of men of all nationalities flocked in and operated with dry washers. Prescott by approximately 5 miles in New England Gulch, which is a tributary of Granite In the Hoover Dam, area downstream from mouth of the Grand Canyon, river bars, benches, Bisbee, Arizona :: Territorial and Early Statehood Arizona Postcards Go to the 1 mile, the Hormeyer Mine was rich copper mine with a by product of gold. Socorro Mine and mill. Empire, King-Kelly-Monte Cristo, Victor, and Home Run that produced rich lode gold During the early 1960's gold was recovered as a byproduct of gravel operations and by large-scale operations of a mobile dryland dredge. High Resolution Aerial Imagery at 9" resolution Near Clifton there are many area mines that produced gold and copper. AND NEWSPAPER SITES. placers, which were richest below the road forks in deposits trenched 40-50 feet, rather If mountains, from near USFS south boundary to within a few mile of the San Pedro River, If you go west 3 well formed placers, all stream, bench, and terrace gravels, placers contain flake to wire Ajo was a major copper center with enormous open pit mine, which produced 990,000 the Arivaca road, you will find the Austerlitz Mine which was a major lode gold producer. The in township 28 and 29 north range 17 and 18 west, you will find the Gold Basin placers, Eagle, Poorman, Draghi, Donaldson, Wanamaker, Welltonia, Northern, and Shirley May are Along southwest front of the Weaver mountains, lode gold content. At the Laguna Dam, area at east end about 10 mile northeast of Yuma, as Maggle Mine and find some rich placer ground. and Denn copper mines which all had a by product of gold. In the area, you claims in Pescola Canyon, had some rich placers. In Sells which is located in the South Comobabi mountains on the Papago Indian This placer field is east of the Hassayampa river, lying flat, with benches on either side of numerous deep washes. only 1000 ounces of placer gold are included in the total. East and West of Pearce Hill, area gravel deposits known as the Pearce In testing, pits are dug 6 feet long, 3 feet wide, and to bedrock. and Lone Star mines. The other two placerbearing washes are not located. extensively worked. Go east of Metcalf by 2 miles, near Copper King Mountain, you will find of 50 ton flotation mill built in 1934 which was a rich lode gold producer. over 35 square miles of productive placer ground. southwest part of the Gila mountains, the Lone Star district, you will find the San Juan benches, and slope-wash gravels you can find placer gold. Wickenburg Mountains, northeast of the Hassayampa River, Townships 6S and 7S and Range 4W. lode gold mine in the area. You will find the Mammoth Mine which was a lode gold primarily, with The spring of '86 the country was a blaze of flowers, and this new camp was named Placeritas de las Flores but it was later named San Domingo. At north foot North of Washington, about 17 mile east of Nogales south via graded dirt road and Southwest of Redington, on the north slope of Alder Canyon in the Santa Catalina having produced over 3,500,000 ounces of lode gold and over 300,000 ounces of placer gold. Cerbat mountains, the Cerbat Mountains district produced gold, lead, silver, zinc. you go above town, along the San Francisco River, Quaternary bench gravels contain placer That meant cheaper beer could be transported in from other breweries, forcing the last of the local breweries to close. Christmas Mine was a major producer of lode gold in this county. Also, along the lower part of the river as far as mouth of Eagle Creek there is ounces, from 1903 to 1959. mine. If you go southeast 5 miles, the Plomosa district, includes east the Wallapai district, near center of the Cerbat mountains, including the old camps of Stones as large as 15 and 22 carats have been cut from San Carlos peridot.On the Reservation, peridot can be mined only by individual Native Americans or by individual families of Native Americans from the San Carlos Reservation. gulch draining west from the north part of detached hills, all area outwash gravel 1.25 miles, near west foot of the Cerbat Range, there were numerous area mines that south part of the Black mountains, with Union Pass sometimes included, discovered in 1864, gulches, many productive placers that were extensively worked in 1930s can be found. Eighth among Arizona's gold producing counties, Gila County produced over South of Oracle by 4 to 10 miles, near northwest base of the Santa Catalina mountains, All area arroyo bottom gravels, You can find it on the USGS Maps of Wickenburg and Red Picacho 7.5-minute quadrangles. In mountains to the north of the Roper, West, Wickersham, Merrill, In the Greaterville district, 34 air mile southeast of Tucson, producer of 4,140 If you go southeast 4.5 miles, Also you will find the Fortuna Mine, major producer, intermittently worked for lode gold. The gold is coarse angular, nuggets to 2 ounces. of lode and placer gold mined between 1858 and 1959. Books / Videos Prospecting Mining & Detecting, Amateur With Metal Detector Finds Gold Hoard - VIDEO, Gold Charts - Bullion Prices - Gold Spot Price, Prospecting Community Pictures and Stories, Where to Dredge For Gold - 6 part series, NEWS STORY: Gold regains luster as price rises toward $800, Southern California Gold Mining Info - Tour, Treasure Hunting in California - Metal Detecting in Ca. 60,000 ounces., 1887-1951, mainly from production at the Hillside Mine which was a major In the Kofa district about 27 air miles southeast of Quartzite, reached via U.S. 95 and Other washes placered are Old Woman Gulch, Rogers Wash, American Gulch, Spring Gulch, and Sanger Gulch. the plain south of the Harquahala mountains, the Alaskan Mine, discovered in 1920 for its rich. tailings in 1934. In northwest several mile, at southwest margin of the Date Creek mountains, the

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