Never lets me get past the "pick your month" screen, won't acknowledge my typing. Runs smooth as ever, even for a DOS game. the amount of unrealistic character creation i use in this is crazy. Love how I can finally play The Old Time, Elementary School Favorite. Oregon trail is an emmensely good game it runs you through a actual situations that would have accured if you went in history. Well now I have, twice. Thanks to eXo for contributions and assistance with this archive. I hope eventually a keyboard will suffice eventually! When I played as The Jacksons, I scored 11928!!! I love this game! Any idea why it's only happening to some people or, better yet, how to fix it? It loaded perfectly for me on the first try. Other then that it's like I remember. I wish I was good at it, but I'm not and I'm assuming this game was made to be hard. Anyone understand how the high scores work? I seriously wanna play this amazing part of my childhood. Made it into the top ten. It actually does say that in the pre-hunting screen where it tells you which arrows to use, at the top of the list, but it can be easy to skim over without actually reading. I'm with everyone else, the game won't run. The game became popular and spread beyond schools. Glad to see it still works today <3, great game i love to so much it allows you to see some what ti was like to be back then. Advertisement | For the life of me I can't figure it out, any help would be great, because I love the game. Great game to play during quarantine! 2017-09-11. Guess I'm just an old geezer -- but one that had no problems! (1 person was died), Rhy plus-circle Add Review. This is the best game ever! What is going on? However, you were only able to carry 100 pounds back to the wagon. >.< I think it's kinda funny that you can "engrave" the grave stone. The game works for a while, then completely stops. I would play for hours and hours. Score of 11305. :D, duckfish 2020-04-30, I love this game!! All I get is a play button and when I press it, it asks me to make a play selection but I am not able to make a selection. Have a great day! I can't believe how much I like this game, I hadn't played it... ever. Emulator configuration. it was great playing AGAIN. The teachers never realize, it is the best game to play when u r supposed to be working here is my rating, The farmer is relly difficult it only starts with $400, this game is fun. For Great memories, good times! I was never a fan of games but this is very neat, even if it gives me MS-DOS flashbacks. This feature is still experimental, the game may not work properly. MECC created an educational game based on this memorable part of early US history. Unfortunately, this game is cur­rent­ly available only in this ver­si­on. The Oregon Trail, is a well known trial crossing the Rocky Mountains used by settlers during the 19th century. I have a button to turn it on but clicking it does nada kinda like the fullscreen button not working. The resource management aspects are superb, and the things one learns of the real Oregon Trail are fantastic. "From the animals you shot, you got 1568 pounds of meat. No big deal, I have many more. Nailed it first try, nobody died, TOO MANY BULLETS because I can't play unless I have it, I get to the what time of year are you setting out and it wont recognize my input and freezes. But once it started work I had no issues and died with honor on the trail. Really good! That's likely a pretty decent comparison. My only complaint was that I couldn't get the number-pad to work for navigating through different options. Best game back in the old days. Lovely! For small DOS games like Oregon Trail Deluxe, you can play online immediately with your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer...). The Oregon Trail, is a well known trial crossing the Rocky Mountains used by settlers during the 19th century. Consider upgrading to a modern browser for an improved experience. I loved it then and I like it now. A Person i swear everyone but me got something and survived. It is very fun. i really want to play but when I leave the store it freezes and it never recovers!!! dont look like the oregon trail delux is any different than the first oregan trail by the screenshots, they look the same..i had oregon trailII and thoght the deluxe version could be about the same but doesnt look like it at all.. so guess i will just end up ordering another oregon trail II, it is more life like and real . 2015-12-15, magwin 2017-08-20, ... 2017-10-25, cbreeze Someone should make a youtube video about this games super fun to play. WHY CRASHING ALL THE TIME????? BUT, today for some reason I got on and it was all like BLANNNKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. Thanks for the info, super helpful. this is a super fun game and teaches you at the same time! I thought it was because I needed a virtual library card, but after I signed up it won't even play. I remember playing green screen Oregon Trail on an apple in school, in 5th(?) Can someone tell me why it wont work for me? However, this is still a great game you deserve to play. So great playing this again! no username The only problem is I can't save my game, so I have to play the whole thing through. Every time I try to play it it go upsidedown, I was so hyped to play this again after hearing about it NPR... but it wont load, OMG I L O V E this game!!!!! Hello! I HAVE LOST EVERYONE!! I played yesterday and Thursday without any problems. Please fix. . "Its quality is terrible!" This ga­me is e­mu­la­ted by ja­va­script e­mu­la­tor em-dos­box. After that, enjoy! That was really annoying, considering how important resources are to this game. Still get to right a epitaph, somehow. She said " I'm playing The Oregon Trail. I told her, "this is one of my favorite games!" Again, I laughed, and rested to allow him his rest. No problems once I figured every thing out. Willian i dont know what i just played. I was having fun playing this, and was more than halfway through the game, when my computer interrupted me with a dialogue box about Time Machine. I can't get out of the first general store because it won't let me type in numbers! I beat it and got top ten 2nd try. I was very disappointed to find out that you could not hunt in this one. Second run I made a dumb mistake and drowned everyone. ... also, we weren't in very poor quality health. How do you download? color: yellow; My teacher taught us about the oregon train, and she said she has the game but has never played it. The player assumes the role of a wagon leader guiding his or her party of settlers from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon's Willamette Valley on the Oregon Trail via a covered wagon in 1848. I didnt have to use any ammo but sickness and thieves robbing the groups clothes was a common issue the new settlers had. Your browser may not be compatible with all the features on this site. The game will not run. Share your tips to run properly Oregon Trail Deluxe in your browser: best browser to use, specific DOSBox config... You can drop a comment for anything too! I love how simple it is. This game is SO MUCH FUN. So When I get put with a Rock or Tree in the way i just waste my hunting trip and I know you can move your guy around. This game is great, it helped me learn, and taught me how dificault life was back then. There is no way to get the emulators mouse to the bottom half of the emulator to play or anything and when you click anywhere else on the screen all you get is the top scores. By the time I reached the end, I had no money, no bullets, barely any food, typhoid fever and I was the only person left in the group. This can be fixed by resetting the tab though. Will not work on iPad or iPhone or laptop hoping it is up and running again soon. Sound button has an X next to the speaker icon. I just scored 9177 as a Teacher (all 5 survived). So I only bought 100 pounds of food. I hope this helps some of you out. I have updated to Windows 10 and I can no longer get passed the screen of picking what month you leave in. The cursor issue is easy to adjust to unlike many other games here. Software Library keeps saying failed to download emulator :/ why is this? Havent played since 1996. My friend stumbled upon it in late March this year, in seventh grade, And I just made the high scores as Corncob! How to you get these to work? My Teacher said that this game helps you stay focused. I may have played this game when it first came out, but it was so long ago, that I'm not sure that I finished it.

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