Just be sure to keep the principles discussed above in mind, but don’t be afraid to experiment – particularly if you already have some experience setting up enclosures for other lizards. Keepers have varying opinions regarding the proper size for a tegu enclosure. Always consult a licensed veterinarian in case of emergency. Configure Your Own Suncatcher Outdoor Cage. The plans include designs for both a horizontal and a vertical cage. Does your pet enjoy bathing? Any decorations should be heavy duty and may need to be glued in place. Tegus aren’t terribly arboreal, so they certainly don’t require climbing branches. Once you have figured out spacing and location you’ll need to decide how you want to make the enclosure. If you look at tegus’ native habitat, you’ll notice that they are evolved to thrive in a high humidity environment. These structures allow you to customize where you will put your heating and lighting sources and can be stackable if you have multiple snakes. Nevertheless, if you want to keep one of these amazing lizards, this is what you’ll need to do. Would like to find someone to build an enclosure for me. This is the best tegu enclosure for desks and shelves because it’s wider than it is tall. Any information on Reptile Advisor should not be used in place of proper medical care. Just be sure to use only non-toxic and reptile safe plants that won’t prove hazardous to your scaly friend. If you want to give your pet the best life, you need to start by giving it the best tegu enclosure there is on the market. It also has plenty of room for accessories, plants, and even live food. This means that most will require very spacious enclosures – occasionally large enough to be considered “room size.”. These types of enclosures are designed in reptile-appropriate dimensions, they feature front-opening doors, and they’re often equipped with features that make them easy to heat. Keep your pet’s best interests in mind and be ready to make adjustments if things don’t work out, and you’ll likely be well on your way to tegu-keeping success. You can add accessories, lights, water bowls, and even live food to this enclosure. But you should still situate the heating devices at one end of the enclosure to establish a thermal gradient, or range of temperatures. Everything You Should Know, Although tegus vary in size, most are relatively large and active lizards. You will need the following to build an enclosure that measures 3 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 8 feet long: Three sheets of white, half-inch-thick, double-sided melamine, measuring 49 inches by 97 inches, One sheet of white, three-fourth-inch thick double-sided melamine, measuring 49 inches by 97 inches, Four sheets of white, 1-inch-thick, double-sided melamine, measuring 3 inches by 8 feet, Four sheets of white, 2-inch-thick, double-sided melamine, measuring 4 inches by 8 feet, One sheet of white, 1-inch-thick, double-sided melamine, measuring 2 inches by 8 feet, Two sheets of white, 1-inch-thick, double-sided melamine, measuring 6 inches by 8 feet, for skirting (might need to be higher depending on your wheels), Eight 3-inch casters/wheels for a 200-plus pound load each (swivel ones work much better), Three pieces of 33-inch wide by one eighth of an inch thick clear acrylic (height unknown until the enclosure is built), One 8 foot long top plastic track for sliding doors (two grooves), One 8 foot long bottom plastic track for sliding doors (two grooves), Two boxes of 100, 1 ½-inch countersunk Robertson Number 8 screws.

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