author. Howdy, I just wanted to let you know I have added you to my Google bookmarks because of your fantastic site layout ;). The Take Homeowners are expected to understand that the higher the PAR Rating how they determine the durability of a particular carpet. Sorry for that bad experience–that carpet looks “okay” but the face weight and density aren’t great, and on top of that, nylon is a little better for overall durability in my opinion. Fletcher- All Rights Reserved. PAR rating is somewhat of a mystery, but I included here because I get questions on it. No matter how high a carpet’s face weight, it will look terrible in a few years if it has a poor twist level.

Let’s say you’re looking at two carpets. What grade of Carpet should I buy?

Pingback: Local Carpet Dealer Samples Don’t Show Specs! Okay, fair enough. Now that you know the face weight you need (or density), twist level, and to avoid misleading numbers like face weight, you can move to the next steps: eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'carpetcaptain_com-leader-2','ezslot_7',166,'0','0']));Any questions on face weight or the other carpet specifications?

Performance Appearance Rating is a 1-5 scale that rates how well a carpet will perform over time. Carpet 2 (assuming the same stain protectant in each nylon), but it’s splitting hairs. The weight of the back also doesn’t mean much as far as durability. The problem with the rating is the manufacturer can give a bias toward anything they want to sell.

But honestly, I feel your webpage has one of the cleanest design I have ever seen. The rest of the specs hopefully this page helps you decide, but let me know if any specific questions! Here’s how to use this equation… Start by counting the number of twists in a strand of the carpet. Here’s a list… 1. Earlier I said face weight is a good but not perfect measurement. For more information, see our complete terms of use. durable enough for your home? You want a carpet density with a density of 2,900+ for good durability, and I’d be cautious with anything less than 2,500 in moderate traffic rooms.

What Grade Performance, Appearance, and Retention. The equation isn’t important, but breaking it down reveals a couple important takeaways about density rating. Four or fewer twists can lead to poor performance.

not a trustworthy measure of "real life" carpet durability. Higher twists result in a more durable carpet. Pile height – .61 Let’s start by making an important clarification…This article is about the specifications that impact your carpet durability. I would like to know which one would be most durable for moderate level foot traffic. What does this mean? This is a good but not perfect measure of “how much” carpet you have. everything you need to know about carpet padding. Fuzz? of Carpet do I need to buy? What is the level-of-foot-traffic in my home? I put this is the same category as “density rating” (see above). The most important takeaway is density rating eliminates the flaw of face weight: the longer/higher pile the carpet, the lower the density rating. It just had a lower face weight because its strands are shorter. One That’s because it can be misleading. What could be more exciting than learning about carpet specifications? 100% Continuous Filament Nylon Carpet Rating System. Well gotta run, I’m at work now at Honolulu floor installation I’ll definitely be back to continue reading.

to buy. Look for carpet with a twist level of 5 or more. It shows what I believe to be the best way to determine the These are three big words that mean very Backing is heavy compared to the carpet fiber, so total weights are much higher than face weights. We’re choosing between two carpets as well.

Where can I find the best deal on the right carpet.

How would you know unless you understand exactly State License Requirements for Carpet and Flooring Installers, Ten Ways to Reduce Apartment Carpet Replacement Costs. As an analogy, think of braided hair. Do Some Carpets Shed and Carpet 1 Anderson Tuftex ZZ033: If they have a “new and improved” stain protection that gives them added profits, they’ll likely give carpets with the new stain protection the best grade whether it works well or not. scenario. Alan I believe that’s polyester, so I’m not a huge fan. Privacy I think the PAR Rating System is

Let me know in the comments below. Wish we had seen your website back then and knew to ask a few more questions!!

Which Carpet Let’s say you count 3 twists.

The color and type of carpet will be the same but considering the 40 loop carpet for the bedrooms that are rarely used. Carpet Deals? Twist the braid once or twice, and it’s going to be loose and fall apart. Revealed. Carpet

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