On the other hand, console gamers often opt for higher resolutions — up to 4K — and with about 30 FPS. Anyway, consoles are never going to get killed.

Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) is an RTX technology that uses AI’s power to improve frame rates in graphically-intensive games. Though it has the same 10GB of video memory as the Xbox Series X, the RTX 3080 is the only one of the three to come with the newer and faster GDDR6X memory standard. For the first time, all these products will come with support for real-time ray tracing for richer, more detailed graphics and support for high-resolution, high refresh rate gaming. Our review of the RTX 3080 on a test PC equipped with an Intel Core i7-10700 processor revealed that Nvidia’s claims held true. This is the most console peasant article I have ever seen. But traditionally, there were only two real groups of players — those playing on PC and those on home consoles. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. While a $200 premium may not sound like much, gamers must consider that with a console, you’re getting an entire system — complete with gaming controllers — that you can start playing right away. But in other terms, the next-generation consoles are far from redundant. There are other notable differences between Nvidia’s GPU and the consoles that it will compete against.

But in reality, there are more factors than tech specs and … Another important factor is the launch of NVIDIAs other RTX 30XX GPUs. PS5 and Xbox Series X don’t need to worry about Nvidia RTX 3070. Also, AMD is expected to publish more information about their new generation of GPUs soon, the Radeon RX6000 series. I have been gaming on PCs for years, but the new consoles are still hugely compelling, especially the PS5 with its batch of exclusive games.

I have a 1080p 60Hz display plugged into my gaming PC.

With a PC expected to draw more power as a whole, PC gamers should expect to install a power supply of no less than 750 watts to keep things running. And a compelling argument to be had that even if you love PC gaming, you shouldn’t dismiss the next-generation consoles. With the new generation of consoles coming, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft and Sony implement technologies like Nvidia’s DLSS to handle upscaling, especially since both consoles are expected to get HDMI 2.1 support. Less intensive titles, like Fortnite and Civilization VI, played at significantly higher frame rates in 4K. With the next-gen consoles, we're looking at plug-and-play gaming boxes that will actually be able to take advantage of 4K TV, as well as throw a huge amount of other tech into the mix — custom SSDs, 3D audio, the DualSense controller.

As such, it may be a while before you get any PC games that will take advantage of the graphical grunt of even a GeForce RTX 3070; it’ll likely be years before an RTX 3090 is pushed to its limits. By Roland Moore-Colyer 28 October 2020. Because it uses faster memory and has a wider 320-bit memory bus — compared to just 256 bit on the PlayStation 5 — the RTX 3080 also has more memory bandwidth, coming in at 760 GBps as opposed to 560 GBps on the Xbox and 448 GBps on the PlayStation. It’s a solid gaming machine able to run most games with settings maxed out at 1080p. Suddenly that $500 PS5 with ray-tracing support and 4K at 60fps performance seems like a bargain, even if it means games might not look quite as good. In terms of raw performance, all three products are expected to deliver huge performance uplifts compared to their predecessors.

After Nvidia had unveiled its latest — and most powerful consumer graphics card to date — GeForce RTX 3080 GPU, the conversation has turned into a battle between PC gaming and console gaming. Let’s start with the basics. At the same time, we are still expecting confirmed information from Sony about a price and release date for the PS5.

Similarly, the feature will also be coming to the Xbox via the Xbox Series X Velocity architecture and the PlayStation as well. According to various estimates, the film industry as a whole has lost up to $10 billion in 2020.

Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 3000-series is seriously impressive. Before you sink your cash and invest in growing out your ecosystem, be sure to check if your favorite games will be available. I made an account to comment how poor & flawed an argument this writer had made, but it seems like several others have pointed out the holes in his argument. Taking a look at raw performance, the GeForce RTX 3080 makes it the uncontested champion, with nearly three times the computational power of its next closest rival.

Our results show that Nvidia’s claims of 4K gaming at 60 fps will become the new reality for PC gamers. Given the differences in microarchitecture design — the RTX 3080 uses Nvidia’s Ampere design, while the consoles are based on AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics — we can’t make a direct correlation as to how these numbers will affect real-world performance at this time until we’ve tested both consoles. Shares. On average, the RTX 3080 achieves roughly 29% more frames in a 4K resolution.

The performance can be compared by using the measure TFLOPS. These costs add up, and a high-performance rig can end up costing as much as a used car. Comparing performance of the RTX 3080 to the AMD-made custom silicon for consoles, with 8,704 shader units on the RTX 3080, Nvidia packed in nearly four times what’s available on the PlayStation 5. Nvidia’s RTX I/O taps into Microsoft’s DirectStorage APIs on Windows to allow the solid-state drives to more directly communicate with the GPU for faster game loading.

Get the best Sony PlayStation 5 deals before anyone else! In addition, NVIDIA improved the AI-based DLSS. Yes I’d get access to ray-tracing but it wouldn't really be enough to justify getting a new graphics card over buying an Xbox Series X — which also promises ray-tracing support — and just plugging it into my monitor. Without having tested either consoles, we won’t know how the Xbox and PlayStation 5 will handle ray tracing and DLSS, especially at higher resolutions.

And the $499 GeForce RTX 3070 also promises to trounce the RTX 2080 Ti, meaning it’s shaping up to be one of the best value graphics cards of 2020. But what about performance? All rights reserved. I read the article thoroughly, and i have to say, in my opinion, that some of the points that have been made are pretty pointless, and straight out put there to cater towards the console fans.

This is a reason why Sony and Microsoft often vie for exclusive game releases for their respective platforms.

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