In general, 21-28 days are ok. As a cure it’s a best option. I have been searching and reading a lot about exercise and fasting, but I seem to be in a gray area with what I'm finding. As a weight loss you’re the one who decide.


Then google and study and you'll see it's truth. The second option is distilled water. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 5 comments. It’s ok. First 5 days are the toughest.

Progress pictures are welcome (preferred old on the left, new on the right - but it's ok); pics not about physical attributes (hair, etc.) The best option is spring water. Also if you’re over 45 and you’re very ill don’t fast more than 10-14 days. With the high costs of health care, how can we *afford* not to keep ourselves well? Take it easy. 1 week water (then enema), Almost made it worth reading this... almost. The great comedian, Ed Wynn said, "Without your health, riches, possessions and fame are all mud."
Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write me in comments or in PM. Why tap water is not suitable for fasting? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

I am halfway into a five-day water fast. It will get easier. English isn’t my native language so be patient. Usually they happen during long-term fastings. I expected to lose wieght, but gain most of it … About Community. Also if you feel very very bad — stop. And third acceptable option is mineral water with low content of salts and minerals. from pubmed, etc.). I have been searching and reading a lot about exercise and fasting, but I seem to be in a gray area with what I'm finding.

So…let the fun begin! Your brain starves of glucose so you get dizziness and brain fog.

Topics including dry (no water) or absolute fasts are dangerous and therefore prohibited. Actual fasting starts at day 3. You make some HUGE claims with zero evidence to back it up. First and foremost, fasting is a healing procedure.

I have done a four-day water fast before–a few months ago. So main benefits are: “But what about weight loss? If you feel a post or comment is promoting or exhibiting dangerous behavior, please report it or message the mods. I am on Day 5 of water fast with only water and electrolytes and one black coffee a day.

And then your condition will vary from awful to ok till the end. It allows carefully launch your gut and it helps not to relapse. But it’s not easy to get. I've also had tea if my stomach is upset, just again no sugar, dairy or honey. Don’t eat too much. The second option is distilled water. share.

Violators will be banned.

Frustrated that water fasting seemed to have such a bad rep I decided to take pre- and post-fast blood tests that would prove unequivocally that I … Curing almost any disease? Food pictures should be marked as NSFW. Toxins start to circulate in blood and body gets rid of it via kidneys, GI tract (including mouth), skin and lungs.

It's just my version of fasting and it works well. Simple and safe formula to fast. Do not drink it if it hasn’t. Then try for 3 days. A 3 day water fast quite simply involves not eating and only drinking water for 72 hours. Of course, you can try to fast for 2 or 3 weeks at once but it will be harder.

Please use search before asking a question that has been asked & answered already. This post is utter nonsense but I have to say this part made me actually laugh: Simple and safe formula to fast.

Most fast for health, self-discipline and preparation and not for religious reasons. Yes supplement especially on extended fasts.

No medical advice (taken or given) - See your GP or family doctor, not Dr. Reddit. Any other types of water … WHY: curiosity, test of will, to reign in my abysmal snacking habits, and I wanted to hit CTRL+ALT+DEL on my sense of hunger. I would see 1 kg loss the day after Downday and the day after Upday I gain it back. First extended water fast – 7 days (Sunday to Sunday). I don’t understand what kind of water I should drink is there any difference? Most fast for health, self-discipline and preparation and not for religious reasons. Water fasting. Hope you’ll find something new and helpful. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Should I be ok to do this while fasting? I'd just be careful how excessive it is.
But it’s optional. It’s terrible that you’d even make any claims about diseases considering you are not a medical professional, you have no clinical trials or scientific data to back it up, and you can potentially kill people by spreading this false information. I'd call it more a moderate cardio with some higher intensity spikes. I’m 5’6, I have only lost 10lbs on keto down 5 more due to the fast but will probably gain half back.

It's very hard to live. Press J to jump to the feed. The best option is start with 24-hour fasting.

It’ll disappear in a week, Be active if you feel well.

The great comedian, Ed Wynn said, "Without your health, riches, possessions and fame are all mud." Don’t torture yourself too much. 1. My mini goal is is hit onederland by summer, which I might not make if I continue at 1 lb a week on keto! This time is am adding 580 mg sodium (about 25% daily value) and 1050 mg potassium (about 30% daily value) to my water. The lowest I ever weighed was 165 so that is my long term goal for now but we’ll see... As I said, the best are spring, distilled or mineral. EDIT: Thank you everyone! "There are many variations. How do you all think I would do on an extended fast while I was working? At least go for a walk every day to speed up processes that happen in your body.

You can have coffee or green tea.

After juices you start eat raw products for the same amount of time. No coffee, no supplements, and no nicotine. You will lose about a pound (0.45 kg) per day on water fasting easily. Which “toxins” are we washing away with shower? I think That you should insert a paragraph about electrolytes they are necessary during fast. I really appreciate the time you took to explain all of this. Guide based on books by P. Bragg, A. Ereth and A. Stoleshikov. If you break with usual heavy meal it can just stuck. Recommend it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. But it’s not easy to get.

I have wondered if hyponatremia (sodium too low in blood) is ever an issue with water fasting. Start with shorter fastings. It’s pure H20 without any inorganic salts and minerals. Presenting opinions as facts is not what /r/fasting is about. I did the water fast and broke it on day 4 and never smoked again. It means when you fast for a week it’s 5 days, when you fast for 10 days it’s 8. Doesn't that get expensive? ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Don’t drink more if you don’t want to. You'll not get an insulin spike because it doesn't need for fructose, only for sucrose. But it’s not recommended to fast more than 28 days if it’s your first experience. Chill out :) There are millions of different opinions and if you get angry about each of them.. On another note, breaking fasts with sugar/carbs is well known to be NOT recommended. That is just not true, and a very dangerous thing to believe. You have to drink from 2.5 to 4 liters per day.

Then for a week. 1 week water (then enema) + 1 week 1:1 juices + 1 week raw foods.

I'm a sports referee and in the past I've tried to fast only during times when I'm off, like between seasons or just during a lull in my schedule. Toxins - chemicals in food, alcohol, etc. It's dirty in comparison with spring/distilled/mineral water.

Watch "Fat, sick and nearly dead".

Heres a few from leangains (hours fasting, hours "eating", nickname, abbreviation):. I drink my coffee black, no sugar or dairy. Maybe you need to take a break and try again after a while. Most people do a 3 day fast where they have some diluted fruit and vegetable juices, in combination with lemon water spiced with cayenne pepper for an enhanced cleansing effect. It’s kinda rest for GI tract because you don’t need to digest any food. So i should buy mineral water for my fast? It’s pure H20 without any inorganic salts and minerals.

What water? No body shaming. You don't need mineral water. No, no, and no.

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