Great write up and video. A Redding National Match Die Set was used and included a full-length sizing die with decapping stem, a micrometer-adjustable Competition bullet seating die and a taper crimp die. Don’t vary your sequence of operations. 107 SW Columbia St | Bend, Oregon, USA 97702  |  Toll Free: 1-800-285-3701  |  catalog@nosler.comNosler Showroom / Open to the Public:  Monday - Friday 10:00 am to 5:30 pm PSTCorporate Hours:  Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm PST, Copyright 2013 - 2020Nosler Inc  |  Privacy  Use  Order Processing, Nosler - Bullets, Brass, Ammunition & Rifles.

Don’t reload when distracted, disturbed or tired. Poll: What’s your number one reason for reloading? I also tried to make certain the bullet seating depth equalled or exceeded the bullet diameter.

Sometimes reaching both goals at the same time was not possible. This brings us to a hunting cartridge.

Careful attention to pressure signs became important. I have found the Berger bullet to be exceptionally accurate and ideal for establishing a rifle’s potential. Here’s what you need to know about the new round. We can easily push 105-grain bullets to 3,000 fps or more with the other cartridges; 2,600 fps or so is about it for the Nosler. Medium-weight bullets tested include the (1) Barnes 62-grain Varmint Grenade, (2) Hornady 65 V-MAX, (3) Nosler 70 Ballistic Tip Varmint, (4) Nosler 70 Varmageddon, (5) Speer 70 TNT and the (6) Barnes 72-grain Varmin-A-Tor.

Wilson, a must-have for any cartridge (but especially bottleneck rifle) you reload.

The big difference is in the wider portion of the feed lips. The .24 Nosler, so far as I know, is available only in Nosler’s bolt-action rifles. Because Nosler load data was limited to Nosler bullets, my broader approach to bullet selection often found me with bullets of a different overall length or a different bearing surface. This means 22 Nosler is essentially a “half way point” between .223 Remington and 22-250. Above: 24″ 1:8 twist 22 Nosler barrel from White Oak Armament. The case held up just fine, and I would continue loading and firing this case if the need arose. Load Data &Technical Information by Caliber.

The trade-offs are rifle options (22-250 is mostly a short bolt action cartridge), muzzle velocity, and barrel life. Several powders proved suitable for the .24 Nosler. Case gage: 22 Nosler specific (can’t use .223/5.56 case gage) So if your press is setup for .223/5.56 reloading, you’ll need to do the following to load 22 Nosler: Swap dies; Adjust powder measure volume; That’s about it! Enter the 22 Nosler chambering, introduced at SHOT 2017 as ammo, brass, uppers, and full rifles.

Hope that makes sense!

(please leave a comment). Switching to a slower powder (Hodgdon H-380) not only alleviated the pressure issues, but also yielded higher velocities. That means you can push velocities higher in some cases (compared to .223 Remington), but you are limited with powder charge due to the lower case capacity. Here’s a summary of reloading 22 Nosler compared to reloading .223 Remington: So if you’ve been reloading .223 Remington (or 5.56 NATO) you just need to get 22 Nosler dies, a case gage, and you may need slower powder(s).

I used both the 10-round and 15-round 6.8 SPC magazines with zero issues. Poll: What handgun cartridge do you reload most often? Ideally suited for the heavier range of bullets most used in pursuing big game such as deer and pronghorn and providing good to excellent accuracy with most varmint-weight bullets, this may be the .24 Nosler’s niche. 5. Your mileage may vary! The good news is, if you’re setup to load .223 Remington, you have little to do in order to load 22 Nosler. 6. Nosler Component Brass is the finest in the world. With a trim-to length of 1.590 inches for the .24 Nosler, 60 cases were trimmed to start. In preparing for this review I obtained a Model 48 Liberty rifle from Nosler. Use load data at your own risk. 7. I was surprised to find things picking up as early as the 58-grain bullets but expected – and found – accuracy improving across the board as bullet weight increased. If you look at the total span of difference in drop between .223 Remington, 22 Nosler, and 22-250, 22 Nosler sits at about 1/3 the difference in drop compared to .223 Remington (both compared to 22-250). Nosler used 24″ barrels with varying twist rates to produce this data. Always cross-reference load data with manufacturer's published data.

Ultimate Reloader LLC is not responsible for errors in load data on this website. Heavier higher-BC bullets like the Nosler 70 grain RDF bullet will enhance the 22 Nosler’s performance significantly compared to this “common 55 grain” 22 projectile data.

It was shipped “used” so I did not go through Nosler’s recommended break-in protocol.

Case gage: super important, specific to 22 Nosler, soon to be available from L.E.

This was true through three loadings of each case, after which I switched to the +.008-inch shellholder for smoother bolt closing. 22 Caliber Bullets. I think of the 55gr class bullets as varmint or short range target bullets. 8. Each of the corresponding cases has different case capacities, and these differences are most clear when we peer “inside the cartridges”: In this picture we see from left to right: When you compare case capacity with a chart, you get an even clearer picture of the difference between the capacity of each of these cases: An important difference to call out here is the maximum working pressure for each of these cartridges: 62,000 PSI for 5.56 NATO, and 55,000 PSI for both .223 Remington and 22 Nosler. Load Data:  22 Caliber Loading / Reloading Information.

.22 Nosler reloading data with 13 loads. With 55- to 75-grain bullets no other powder produced such consistent accuracy.

The Hornady bullet has been my choice for deer and pronghorn for some time now, albeit done mostly from a .243 Winchester. 222 Remington. Nosler, The World's Finest Bullets, Ammunition, Rifles, & Brass. The barrel (replaced with a 22 Nosler barrel, or purchase complete 22 Nosler upper), The magazines (6.8 SPC magazines are used for 22 Nosler). Shoulder: datum line is shorter (set back more) for safety purposes (to prevent .223 cartridges from being chambered in a 22 Nosler AR-15), Case body: larger in diameter (results in rebated rim where .223 is rimless), 5.56 NATO (note thicker brass, especially at the base), 22 Nosler is closer to 22-250 velocity compared to .223 Remington, At about 600-800 yards, 22 Nosler shows a drastic improvement over .223 Remington, At 1000 yards, the low BC of the 22 caliber projectile (0.267 BC used for this data) takes its toll on all three cartridges’ performance, 22 Nosler: -89.2 (20″ less drop compared to .223 Remington), 22-250: -78.9 (10.3″ less than 22 Nosler), Press, shellplate/shellholder/powder measure: same with generally the same setup (same primer, same case neck diameter, same case length), Powders: Generally slower with some overlap (Hodgdon Varget for example), Cases: 22 Nosler only (can’t be reliably formed from other cartridges).

Joined: Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:40 pm Posts: 84 Midway has the 100 count box of 22N brass on clearance.

Odin gunworks and White Oak Armament would be two solid products. I have been looking for a cartridge that will fill the role from 0-600 yards in the local Designated Marksman Matches and this looks like it will fit the bill perfectly. All three use small rifle primers. AccuBond; AccuBond LR The 300 AAC Blackout pushes a heavy 30 caliber projectile optimized for subsonic performance. From what I understand, Nosler made a change to their brass production for 22 Nosler specifically that was aimed at addressing this issue. IMR’s 8208 XBR and Hodgdon’s Varget also excelled as bullet weights increased. For decades, shooters and engineers have been continually experimenting with different cartridge designs and permutations with the goal of enhancing AR-15 performance in some way.

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