0 Comments Hi, i have a problem. Here is a sample test file called garbage.txt displayed using the cat command: cat garbage.txt Sample outputs: this is a test food that are killing you wings of fire we hope that the labor spent in creating this software this is a test unix ips as well as enjoy our blog The laser cutter you are using is very small and low powered and yes my comments would probably not really make any difference in this case. Curves are trimmed in relation to the view. objects. Red - Width of cut Creates a curve that duplicates a surface edge. When you have a trimmed surface whose underlying surface is much larger than the outside trimming boundary, you can use the ShrinkTrimmedSrf Last week, I was getting designs laser cut on a Trotec Speedy 300. by Daniel Seth Ticker If it is difficult to select the parts to trim off, use the Split Pick two points to specify the second cut extrusion direction. When trimming a surface with a planar curve in an angled parallel or a perspective view like the default Perspective view, the cutting curve is projected on the surface in a direction perpendicular to the curve plane. Much appreciated! This makes it unnecessary to manually extend lines that do not intersect the objects to trim. Removes all trimming curves if selecting an edge of a trimmed surface. It’s easy to get lost. Select the parts of objects to trim away. I am used to using much more powerful cutters for metal, where the width of the cut could be more significant in the final outcome. in the list some data are repeated. Go to … The underlying surface may be larger than the trim curves, but you won’t see the underlying surface because Rhino doesn’t draw anything for the part of the surface that is outside the trim curves. Use the Untrim command to remove a trimming boundary from a surface. structure than the original curve used to trim the surface. It. ; use Seldup and delete previous selection set. I want delete this data but the only component that i find is "cull duplicate" but i don't have point. I agree with your comments, which is probably due to me not paying full attention to the initial post & looking up the type of laser cutter you are using. While they can be used to get rid of duplicate objects created within grasshopper, it is much cleaner if you can structure your definition so as to avoid creating duplicates in the first place. You enable the command by right clicking on the job when it has been put into the Job Control cut area. The owner of the machine said that I have to remove duplicate lines, or else the laser would cut these twice. Hi Joe I am new to grasshopper could you be a bit more specific on how to delete duplicate curves on a rhino model? Report an Issue  |  This is the sixth edition of the TT Toolbox plugin for Grasshopper. That software package is the one used for preparing layouts to be cut into metal. So I removed the duplicates manually, and it was tedious. Powered by, Badges  |  Powered by, Badges  |  That’s what the laser cutters do that I worked with in the past (Trotec, Epilog). Use the criteria carefully. Cutting directly on the line - Both parts will come out slightly small. Facebook, © 2020   Created by McNeel Admin. Tools provided as-is, without warranty of any kind and used at your own risk. structure of the surface. Now I wonder if there is an automated solution. Ooops, looks like the equals component wasnt utilized properly, tell if this works better. None of that is very automatic - it might be just as clean to use SubCrv on one of the rectangles. parallel view like the default Top, Front, and Right view, the cutting curve is projected on the surface in the view direction. Nope, you’ll have to use Pascal’s clever script. Sorry, I don’t understand: How would that help? If you've ever received text that was formatted in a skinny column with broken line breaks at the end of each line, like text from an email or copy and pasted text from a PDF column with spacing, word wrap, or line break problems then this tool is pretty darn handy. Core-Based Wall Reference Line Changed Renovation Features Migrating Roofs and Skylights VR Scenes and VR Objects No Longer Supported Migration of Exported Options Files (.xml, .aat, .prf) Find & Select Criteria Sets Open Older (pre-13) Teamwork Files in ARCHICAD 24 Terms of Service. DupBorder Creates a curve that duplicates a surface, polysurface, or mesh border. But if change the REGEX to match start of line ^ it will also remove duplicated blank lines." Curve From Object > Duplicate Mesh Edge (Right click), Curve > Curve From Objects > Duplicate Mesh Edge. The edges must meet within surface boundary to give successful results. Only I know it was a printer driver, and it definitely didn’t cut efficiently: The head was moving rather randomly from cut to cut. Curve > Curve From Objects > Duplicate Border. Share !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); SelDup is about as good as it gets for automatic tools. The trimming objects are deleted. command to shrink the surface back so that it is only large enough to hold the trimming boundaries and doesn’t have a large extra unused area. If a curve has it’s direction reversed or anything else so it isn’t a perfect duplicate, then SelDup won’t find it. This definition is the interior of a cluster I created that allows for the culling of duplicate items of any type based on a criteria.

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