"FieldType": "Text", The local VDOT District Traffic Engineer has the authority to increase or decrease speed limits and considers whether a review of a particular speed limit is warranted based on VDOT’s “Speed Limit Change Process” policy.

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For additional requirements and considerations pertaining to speed limits in Virginia, consult “Speed Limits” in the Virginia Driver's Manual, published by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. var formDigestElement = document.getElementsByName('__REQUESTDIGEST')[0]; ctx.existingServerFilterHash += "&RootFolder=" + currentRootFolder; ctx.existingServerFilterHash = ctx.existingServerFilterHash.replace(/-/g, '&').replace(/&&/g, '-');

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There is list of PDF maps below with different information options.
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and right of way impacts (i.e.              Traffic Control Center. } The goal of the global strategy is to eliminate serious injuries and deaths on our streets by 2030.
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neighborhood traffic calming program seeks to reduce the negative impacts of traffic in neighborhoods by managing traffic speeds in place.

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 (click on for link) can be printed and sent with your payment of$25 Drive.ky.gov
The Division handles the hauling permits.

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