Diva[4] of Arabic Music is what Samira Said Fans like to call her. Male. Said was born as Samira Bensaid on 10th January 1958 in Rabat, Morocco, to Aousfian Abdelrazik and Zouhour Filali. She has lately been the recipient of a worldwide award in London for best singer in North Africa/ the Middle East and model humanitarian artist. As a result, many of her songs have won critical acclaim, including "Asmar malak", "Malak moch zay aweydak", "Sayidati anissati sadati", "Ech gab li gab", "El Leila dee", "Min ghir sabab", "Amrak ajib", "Al gani Baad Yomeen", "Mosh Hatnazel Anak" and "Alf Leila wal Leila". (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Samira Said always brings joy in people’s faces whenever she sings with her beautiful soul that wins everyone’s heart. Ennaboulssi: Meaning of Ennaboulssi . Her child is called Shady Ennaboulssi. Samira connected with the Arab singer Abdul Halim Hafez and Abdul Wahhab, to finally meet Baligh Hamdi. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Elle se fait remarquer pour ses prestations d'arabian pop et réussit même à percer en Égypte [réf. She married for a second time in 1994, to an American-established Moroccan businessman, Mustapha Ennaboulssi (b. Samira Said was born and raised in Rabat the capital of Morocco. Samira Said has been married twice, previously to musician Hani Mhanna. In 1980 Said sang Morocco's only entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. On the subsequent "Rohi" ("My soul") album, Said continued to collaborate with new producers and lyricists experimenting with sounds influenced by her Moroccan heritage. Samira Said has been married twice, previously to musician Hani Mhanna. The album of the same name contained ballads such as “Te’dar Te’oli” ("Can you tell me? After all, as Abdul Wahhab the genius composer and singer of Egypt once said in a TV interview, "Samira is the epitome of extreme intelligence in her ability to assimilate Mashriqi singing, even though bathed in a somehow different tradition.". 1995). She was quickly recognized as a young prodigy. She's also respected and strongly admired by her host country Egypt where she's become almost at home and to whom she has shown a lot of love, attachment and gratitude. To download four books a month online for free simply join our library book club for $14.99 a month. Samira Saïd (en arabe : سميرة سعيد) de son vrai nom Samira Bensaïd, née à Rabat le 10 janvier 1958 [1], est une chanteuse et compositrice marocaine. Shady Ennaboulssi. ( Log Out /  She further gave many hit songs, including Youm Wara Youm, Hawa Hawa, Mahslsh Haga, and so on. 1956). Samira won also the BBC Awards for world music[2] for the best artist in the Middle East with her album 'Youm Wara Youm'. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a reasonable cost for this breed, then it can be easily found at an average price of $1,650. Name. [3] Samira Said has significantly supported AIDS awareness in the Arab world, as well as rallying European and African stars to raise funds for earthquake victims across North Africa. [11][12] ( Log Out /  Henceforth, she contributed the Arab music on a higher platform in the 21st century as well. She began singing professionally, encouraged by her family and backed up by important people in the Moroccan music scene like Al Rashdi and others. This is due to her ever changing style and image in her music and appearance. © Copyright 2020. Samira Said (Arabic: سميرة سعيد‎, born Samira Abdul Razzaq Bensaïd (سميرة عبد الرزاق بن سعيد) on 10 January 1958) is a Moroccan pop singer, who also holds Egyptian citizenship. At the age of 9, she participated in a musical program, Mawaheb, where she sang, “I Love Noodles.”. Samira Said (January 10, 1958 Rabat-) also known as Said, Samira or Samira Abdel-Razik bin Said is a Moroccan singer, singer-songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, songwriter and actor.

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