But do you know that there have been several rumors floating around about seventeen’s possible plastic surgery? However, it is said that he has had plastic surgery before stating his career in the show business. Seventeen’s Members Plastic Surgery Rumors. Lol, You don't need to make threads about stuff like this when there's a perfectly good place to ask your question aka "official plastic surgery thread" which is right in this section and also your comparison images aren't good examples since he's pulling completely different faces in them and they're taken from different angles as well, here is another example just to help you OP, you can see his jaw is the same from debut it's just that he lost weight and it's been like 3 years lol. His beautiful skin as white as snow also attracts many people. There are a few cases of celebrities admitting to the work they have gotten to enhance their looks but for the most part, it is up to the fans to analyze pictures and videos to figure it out. First of all, his eyelids have gone through several minor changes over the years that are subtle but enough to create a certain look. According to the rumor, he might have had the inner corner of his eyes cut open and made his nose well-formed. Seventeen is a South Korean hip-hop boy group from Pledis Entertainment. He is said to be deft of hand and often takes care of hair-set for other members of the group. The second picture taken during Clap era fansign indicates that his eyelid fold appears to be more pronounced and has been modified into the typical outward fold where the fold itself is visible even with his eyes open. Powered by Invision Community. To this day, papyri (1600 BC) have reached, in which it is said how Egyptian surgeons performed plastic surgeries. March 20, 2019. By Someone perceives himself as he is. Jun is one of Chinese members of the group. Board certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, he offers comprehensive treatment for a vast array of complex conditions. If you decide on seventeen plastic surgery be sure to find the people who have already undergone it, they will advise you good specialists. Sometimes clients go too far in the desire to be perfect, or the surgeon can not cope with the task, and we see unsuccessful results of plastics. Plastic and reconstructive surgery journal, American board of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, American academy of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Most often, such kind of operations are made by movie and showbiz stars, or by their fans, who tend to become like their idols. Powered by WordPress. Pinterest. S.Coups is the leader of Seventeen and is in charge of the main rapper of the group. You should not hurry with the choice of a plastic surgery clinic and approach this issue with the utmost responsibility. There are a few cases of celebrities admitting to the work they have gotten to enhance their looks but for the most part, it is up to the fans to analyze pictures and videos to figure it out. His profile is especially beautiful like an ancient Greek sculpture. This is where seventeen plastic surgery comes to the rescue. he was just saying on vlive like a week ago how his jaw is one of his features he's really proud of so this thread confused me hahaha, and? When still in the middle school, he came up to Seoul to become a Kpop idol and became a trainee of Pledis Entertainment. Is his face and figure natural beauty? It is worth paying attention to them. … Both his parents are South Korean, but he was born and raised in L.A., the Unite States. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. It is said that he has a negative image for plastic surgery. The last trend in seventeen plastic surgery is non-surgical procedures using radio waves and a laser. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Debutee. In 2013, he became a trainee of Pledis. The possibilities of Joshua From Seventeen Before Plastic Surgery, physical activity, interest in life, as well as natural methods of rejuvenation, the use of organic products and water in sufficient quantities, as well as a full Arsenal of cosmetology can achieve gorgeous results to look young over 40 years. Channel-Korea is your Korean news, entertainment, music & fashion website. Did Joshua Hong from Seventeen shaved his jaw?! Accepting New Patients. The inward fold means that when the person opens their eyes, it would be as if he or she has a monolid. Plastic surgeries can be divided into two main types: reconstructive and aesthetic. change in the shape of the small and large labia. 9 replies to this topic #1 gurlbye gurlbye. Ideal people do not exist, so there are doubts about their beauty. Visit our media page for more information or call our office at (212) 644-4416 to speak to a member of our staff. In regards to his double eyelid surgery, it is evident in the first two pictures that Mingyu already has had a form of double eyelid before his debut, with the folds going inwards and very much indistinguishable, thus looking more like a mono lid rather than a double eyelid. Twitter. In these cases, clients do not have scarring, seams and scars after operations. There was no anesthesia at that time, so the procedure was painful and not very effective. It may be correct to say that there is no possibility that he has done plastic surgery. The height of his nose might not be very clear in the first two pictures, due to the fact it is not taken from the side, but from the shadows it is quite obvious that his nose bridge is not as defined as it is in the latter two pictures. Most often, such kind of operations are made by movie and showbiz stars, or by their fans, who tend to become like their idols. In the case of member Jeonghan, there have been a few controversies regarding his eyelids and nose. Looking at his old pictures before the debut, nothing on his face has changed. Started by gurlbye , Mar 10 2018 12:46 PM. Glad that he didnt! Joshua Elston, MD, specializes in complex reconstruction surgery after facial injuries, acute and chronic wounds, breast disease, elective/traumatic hand, and burn injuries. Who is Gay in Seventeen and Why People Think So. Mingyu, who is known to be the group’s visual, has much speculation and conjecture surrounding what some say are his doctored looks. Therefore, he has a dishonorable reputation that his beautiful face and figure come from plastic surgery. Phone: 253-403-2120 Fax: 253-403-2654 Call For an Appointment. Science and medicine have made a rapid leap in our time. The first type of operations associated with the correction of appearance. This could also be the result of a fat grafting procedure, in the case of his cheeks, to plump up the cheeks and create a more contoured face shape. Starting off with the leader, S.Coups, there is not much that can be said about whether his features have been modified or not. Don’t you want to know who has had plastic surgery for the debut in the group? For example, people can prolong youth and feel their beauty longer, get rid of emotional stress from realizing their real or imagined imperfections. In the case of his fillers, it seems to have been to plump up his lips and his cheeks, as demonstrated in the last picture, when it is still fresh and still hasn’t settled into a more natural looking filler. Allegations range from fillers on his cheeks and lips to double eyelid surgery. You can find a list of unsuccessful operations on the site. Seventeen is a South Korean hip-hop boy group from Pledis Entertainment. Let’s take a deeper look! Seventeen picks products that we think you'll love the most. He doesn’t have any parts on his face that need to be improved through having plastic surgery. I was worried that he would fall for the PS and beauty standards in Korea. Usually the nose and the eyes are two main areas that are susceptible to change through surgery, but it seems his features remain as to how they were before his debut. As previously mentioned, plastic surgery has been normalized among Koreans, but in the case of idols, it is still quite taboo to talk about in the open. In this day and age, K-Pop boy-group Seventeen is on everybody’s list of the top boy-groups promoting right now. PS are not taboo again in Korea so why not, but getting plastic surgery over 3 times is more like plastic surgery … As well as his great dancing ability, his cute appearance is very popular among South Korean young girls. However, not all plastic procedures work wonders and end successfully. In South Korea, plastic surgery is definitely not an uncommon thing, having been normalized even within the general public. He has large eyes with long eyelash, which are his attractive features. Joshua Elston, MD Plastic Surgery. IDC ABOUT THE PLASTIC SURGERY BUT SHE HAD IT TOO MUCH. Due to his beautiful appearance, some people say that he has some work done on his face. Is his beauty really natural? I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim. They were carried out in order to eliminate significant defects of the human body, mainly after heavy battles and injuries. hi, thanks! Did Joshua Hong from Seventeen shaved his jaw?! If half a century ago seventeen plastic surgery was performed only in emergency and emergency cases, now they are available everywhere.

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