Hold the tape measure comfortablysnug, but not tight. Before selecting your pattern size from one of the Standard Body Measurement Charts above, please read the following on how to correctly measure yourself. Compare your height and body measurements to the measurement charts to select your size category. Measure over the elastic. Personal preference may also influence your size selection depending on whether you prefer a looser or a closer fit. Compare these against the body measurement chart for your size. If you are larger boned, choose the larger size. Here are some tips to help make your size … If you are thin and small-boned, choose the smaller of the two sizes. You can also find patterns on these international sites. Our 0-20 size range is based on a B cup bust with an average height of 5'-6". Back Waist Length: from the most prominent bone at the base of neck to the natural waistline. 3. Pattern size is determined by your circumference (width) measurements. Periodically check your measurements for changes. Only basic body measurements are needed to determine your pattern type and size. SIZES 0-20. This sizing is based off of body measurements that all pattern companies have agreed to, which haven’t changed with the passage of time. Misses', Men's, Teen-Boys, Boys' & Girl's Size Chart. This basic size chart has been used to standardise the wide range of sewing patterns available from independent and commercial designers. Choosing your pattern size is the most important step and we will help you determine this with these easy to follow steps. It looks the same but is now faster to make your browsing and shopping experience more enjoyable and efficient! Height: Standing against a flat wall without shoes, from floor to top of your head. To take accurate body measurements follow the how-to- measure steps below. The height measurement is 69 1/4 inches and up. Measure over the undergarments you normally wear. Waist measurement: If your hips are two sizes or more larger than your waist, use hip measurement. For Dresses, Blouses, Tops, Vests, Jackets, and Coats, select size to correspond with your Bust/Chest measurement. The difference is the amount of ease allowed. Be the first to learn about exclusive offers, new products and a lot more... Simplicity.com is part of the Design Group family of brands, Bust: If you have more than 2 1/2" (6.3cm) difference between bust and high bust, select your pattern size by high bust* measurement. If your Hips are much larger than your Waist, select the size closest to your Hip measurement and adjust the Waist. HIGH BUST - Measure across the back, high up under the arm and across top of bust. The difference is the amount of ease allowed. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Also, make sure the tape measure is held snugly and firmly (not tightly) against your body and is always parallel to the floor for circumference measurements. Keep the elastic in place for the next measurement. Bust: Around the fullest part of the bust and straight across the back. Finished garment measurements are printed on the pattern tissue and on the back of many pattern envelopes. Unsubscribe at any time. Adjust the Waist and/or Hip, if necessary. Again, refer to the Measurement Charts to select the size corresponding to the Bust, Waist and Hip measurements closest to your measurements. Again, refer to the Measurement Charts to select the size corresponding to the Bust, Waist and Hip measurements closest to your measurements. For example, if a bust and hip measurement fall in a size 8 but the waist is a size 10, you can gradually grade the cutting line from and 8 to a 10 from the bust to the waist, and then back down from a 10 to an 8 from the waist to the hips. SIZE: Girls' Girls' Plus : 7: 8: 10: 12: 14: 16: 8 1/2: 10 1/2: 12 1/2: 14 1/2: 16 1/2: Chest: 66: 69: 73: 76: 81: 87: 76: 80: 84: 88: 92: Waist: 58: 60: 62: 65: 67: 70: 71: 74: 76: 79: 81: Hip: 69: 71: 76: 81: 87: 92: 84: 88: 92: 96: 99: Back Waist Length: 29.5: 31: 32.5: 34.5: 36: 38: 32: 34: 35.5: 37.5: 39.5: Height: 127: 132: 142: 149: 155: 156: 132: 142: 149: 155: 161 Waist: Tie a narrow elastic around waist and let it settle naturally at your waistline. Compare these against the body measurement chart for your size. For Maternity patterns, select according to your measurements before pregnancy. BUST - Measure around the fullest part of bust and straight across back (1) CHEST - around body above fullest part of bust (2). To find your figure type, use height and back waist length measurements and descriptions in measurement charts to determine figure type. Download a PDF copy of the search tool size chart by clicking here. Smaller size for a closer fit, or if you are small-boned. All Simplicity® patterns are multi-sized to help you get a custom fit. Yes, I want to receive new projects and exclusive offers from Simplicity.com. If there is more than 2" (5cm) difference between your Bust and Chest measurement, select pattern size by your chest measurement, because you will achieve a better fit through your shoulders, chest and upper back; adjust the Bust if necessary. Receive updates on new collections and exclusive offers from Simplicity. Finished garment measurements are printed on the pattern tissue and on the back of many pattern envelopes. If your measurements fall between two sizes, consider your bone structure. Remember to wear proper undergarments and shoes when measuring. Details. NECKBAND - around base of neck or buy shirt pattern by ready-made size (1) CHEST - around fullest part of chest (2) WAIST - at natural waist over shirt (3) HIP - at seat or fullest part of hip (4) SHIRT SLEEVE - from back base of neck across shoulder around bend of elbow to wrist (5) HEIGHT - measure (without shoes) standing against a wall. So believe it or not, a pattern size 10 from thirty years ago is based off of the same body measurements as a pattern size 10 today. Free Shipping on Orders Over $75! To determine your cup size you will need two measurements: BUST - Measure straight across the back over the fullest part of the bust. to fit your measurements. Hip: around body at fullest part, usually 7"- 9" (18-23cm) below waist. Take the same measurements as above, except eliminate Chest measurement. Deduct HIGH BUST measurement from BUST measurement for the difference. Ashley. For Skirts, Pants, Shorts, and Culottes, select size to correspond with your Waist measurement. High Bust: directly under the arms, straight across the back and above the bust. Adjust the Hip, if necessary. Select Your Pattern Size. When purchasing a pattern that includes a Blouse, Jacket, Skirt and/or Pants, select size by your Bust/Chest measurement and adjust the Waist and/or Hips if necessary. All of our current patterns are available in the 0-20 size chart directly below, with new releases and older patterns being added to the extended size range on an ongoing basis. If you are shorter than 69 1/4 inches, you can make alterations to the length of the garment, the sleeve length, etc. Using the DIFFERENCE measurement, find your cup size on the chart below. Almost every designer uses a different size chart and this can be confusing when you are trying to find a sewing pattern. To select your pattern size, use your body measurements, not ready-to-wear size. Hope this helps! Larger size for a looser fit, or if you are large-boned. WOMEN’S SIZE CHART (Tall) inches * These sizes are Burda tall sizes and differ in height from the regular sizes. When taking your measurements ensure that you take them against your skin and not over clothing. *Misses patterns are made for a B cup with 2 1/2" (6.3cm) difference between bust and high bust measurement. To order by phone, inquire about an order, or request an exchange/refund, call: For questions about product use, instructions or to request replacement parts or materials call toll-free: For any room of your home or for memorable gifts, the best designs in needle arts are here.

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