Editor's Notes: This article originally appeared in the June 2018 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. We carry Shotgun ammo from top brand ammo manufacturers such as Federal, Remington, Winchester, Hornady, PMC and others. Ballistic-tip slugs slip through the air with a much greater ballistic coefficient than the punkin’ ball slugs of old, which means they fly farther with greater retained velocity. Rifling on the Foster slug gives it no gyroscopic spin advantage as barrel rifling does with a rifle bullet, but the grooves on the side of these shotgun slugs do allow for easier transition as they’re swaged down to pass through various chokes. The third design is the oldest design, the Brenneke slug, invented by Wilhelm Brenneke in Germany in 1898. 5 Best Slug Gun Options Ready For Deer Season, Henry Shotgun Options In .410 Prove Quick Fun, First Look: The Competition-Angled Krieghoff K-80 Parcours-X, .30-06 Ammo: Turn The Warhorse Into A Thoroughbred (2020), Federal Premium HammerDown: Nailing Lever-Action Ammo, 9mm Luger Winchester 115gr 20 rounds $24.99, 9mm Luger Winchester 115gr FMJ 200 rounds $73.99, 7.62x39 TulAmmo 122gr 1000 rounds $0.34/round shipped, 6 On-Target Concealed Carry Insurance Options (2020), 9 Affordable Double-Barrel Shotgun Options (2020), 8 Budget AR-15 Options: More Bang For The Buck (2020), Best Concealed Carry Handguns For Women (2020). Finding the proper ammunition to fit your barrel cannot be taken for granted, regardless of the choke tube. To be most effective, the sabot needs to drop from the slug as soon as possible after leaving the barrel, much like a birdshot wad. The rifled-choke tubes I have used were self-tightening, so a lubricant is recommended on the choke tube threads. Foster slugs are also known as “American” slugs to distinguish them from European-type slugs such as the Brenneke. A shotgun slug is one of three basic designs. Tuesday, August 27, 2019. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Richardson prefers a scoped, rifled-barreled Savage shotgun with Hornady SST slugs. Another source of error is not holding down on the forearm. Accurate shooting requires more than hand and eye coordination. Foster originally hand-cast these slugs and filed grooves on the side for rifling, which is much the same as Foster-type slugs appear today. Once your gun is sighted in, practice at greater distances to improve your skill. Copyright © 2020 Field & Stream. Avoid overtightening the tube with a wrench; hand tight worked for me on the extended tubes. This is the original slug created to be fired in a smoothbore shotgun. Ballistic information, such as velocity, can help your search for accurate slugs. If the slug starts to yaw in flight, which they almost always do, the weight forward aspect is thought to bring the slug back into a straighter, more stable flight … much the same as a badminton shuttlecock or air rifle pellet works. Not every slug brand did this, nor did every brand of rifled choke tube. Henry Big Boy: The Best Pistol-Caliber Long-Gun? Karl M. Foster started making them for neighbors in the early ‘30s as people were looking for something to knock down a deer to feed families during the Great Depression. Cylinder bore is the most appropriate barrel, however, an improved cylinder bore is often used for convenience. Many slug shooters will tell you that, with the right gun and slug combination, 200-yard shots are not out of the question. The traditional rifled slug, often referred to as the Foster-style, is the most popular. The Brenneke slug is solid and gives more penetration with less deformity and is often chosen for dangerous animal applications, as well as some military and law enforcement needs. Foster slugs are capable of being fired through most shotgun chokes, rifled choke tubes and rifled shotgun barrels — though shooting a Foster through a rifled barrel will do little more than dramatically foul the rifling. He agrees some slug loads will give better accuracy than others in your specific shotgun, meaning that you'll need to do some experimenting. No matter what gun or ammunition you use, start at 50 yards. Slugs: 12-Gauge Ammo Shot Patterns Hornady 12 Gauge 2-3/4 Inch Shell, Slug, 1575 Velocity, Shot At 25 Feet. 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If you are shooting smoothbore with a fixed choke, avoiding sabot slugs is a good idea. The sabot falls away from the slug after leaving the barrel. With a similar rig he saw a client shoot and kill a 275-pound buck at 236 yards. Concerning sabot slugs, he feels a fully rifled barrel is needed in order to stabilize the bullet--therefore, sabots are not suitable for use with choke tubes, smooth or rifled. Narrowing your search for accurate ammunition starts with the barrel. Slug gun shooters often hold a gun tight to the shoulder, but rarely pull down on the forearm at the same time. A pointed slug with fins, it uses a tailing device or “rear” for stability. The traditional rifled slug, often referred to as the Foster-style, is the most popular. Choke tubes add the ability to shoot various forms of shot, including slugs. The German Wilhelm Brenneke gave us the Brenneke slug in 1898. This is a huge piece of lead or copper cast downrange at the target. What to Know About Slug Design. Sighting-in at 50yards  negates the effects of the wind. Get the latest news and reviews from Gundigest.com. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. Invented in the U.S. by Karl Foster in 1931, it is a hollow cone of lead with a round nose, with raised fins or … An automotive antiseize compound works. A saboted slug maintains accuracy at a longer range--120 yards is not too much to ask from a finely tuned slug gun with a rifled barrel and scope, and some deer hunters feel confident out to 150 yards. Defensive Shotgun Accessories: What Do You Need? Shotgun slugs came out of the dark ages with the advent of the sabot slug and rifled shotgun barrels. In the not-so-distant smoothbore days of slug shooting, people bragged about shotguns that could hit a 5-gallon milk can at 100 yards. These are one solid piece of lead, making them the most powerful ammunition for 12-gauge shotguns, but also the most difficult to place properly, as there is no spread. Larry Case is a contributor to Gun Digest the Magazine. If you are not using a scope, sighting-in past 50 can be a waste of ammunition, but it is good practice to shoot at your maximum effective range. Slug guns improve the range and accuracy of a shotgun to a large extent. A Brenneke-style slug may be designed for the smoothbore or the rifled barrel, but not both. George Trulock, a pioneer of the choke tube industry, began manufacturing choke tubes in 1981. Modern smoothbore barrels come with removable choke tubes. Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. Shooting slugs is easy, but accuracy is not guaranteed. What we have now with sabots is, in effect, rifle bullets the size of shotgun slugs (.72 caliber for 12 gauge and .61 for 20 gauge). Accuracy from a couple of inches of rifling in a choke tube is not comparable with the accuracy of a fully rifled barrel, but rifled choke tubes are a less expensive option than a brand-new fully rifled shotgun if you're going to shoot slugs at close range. For reasons not clear to anyone, including me, gun writers in the era when Foster was around confused his name with the Forster Brothers who made reloading tools during this same period. I achieved hunting accuracy out to 70 yards with a bead for a sight, using a solid rest and holding a firm grip on the forearm. Get the 74th edition of the World's Greatest Gun Book. Learn how your comment data is processed. Without a solid, two-point rest, your groups will be inconsistent. The chief variance from the Foster slug is that the Brenneke is solid and has a wad attached to the rear of the slug that remains on the slug after firing. Trulock believes Foster and Brenneke designs are suitable for use with open constriction choke tubes such as cylinder, skeet or improved cylinder and will typically shoot 3-inch groups at 50 yards. Accuracy suffers from any looseness in fit, no matter how slight, because it causes a slug to wobble on its way out of the bore. Please try again. Thank you! Like the Foster, the grooves on the side of the Brenneke give it no spin stability but do help with moving into a choke with less deformation. Wobbling means less stability, resulting in less accuracy. What we have now with sabots is, in effect, rifle bullets the size of shotgun slugs (.72 caliber for 12 gauge and .61 for 20 gauge). Foster slugs can be fired through a rifled barrel, and hunters who shoot rifled slugs through their rifled barrels claim to get good to excellent results. Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases. In general, there are two main types of shotgun slugs: Full-bore slugs, in essence, fill up most of the bore of the shotgun as they travel down the barrel, and sabot slugs that employ a plastic sabot to engage the rifling and then drop off after it leaves the barrel, much like a wad deviates from a load of birdshot in flight. The Foster slug’s greatest characteristic is a hollow rear portion, which puts most of the weight near the tip of the slug. Shotgun ammunition for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. Sighting-in too far away is a common mistake. Six major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed.

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