From an personal appearance standpoint, I had hoped that they would include a third safety position marking for those of us who still hope to get drop in auto modules legalized inside our lifetimes, but that’s a minor quibble. I just scored some ammo. It is a great little gun and packs up very small (without the suppressor and short hand gaurd installed). Easy to break down gas piston and all parts with nothing more than a punch, etc. Barrel Length: 16″ Thanks for the replies! My biggest concern: would SIG translate the mil spec masterpiece into a useful civilian semi-auto rifle? Yep. Now I would hope that Sig is so busy filling massive orders to the Military and law enforcement agencies of the world that they just can’t keep up and they are not like most American manufacturers these days that are flat of their arse. Why would anyone buy this in 5.56?, Nice blog. In addition to writing about guns, he is the author of “Last Son of The War God,” a novel about shooting people that deserve it. This not only gives you an extra 5 inches of rail that is actually part of the upper receiver for optics, it makes handguard swaps easy. When you can’t get a proper trigger pull, it’s impossible to achieve a rifle’s maximum accuracy. You aren’t shelling out 1,800$ for an AR clone, it is built to be more efficient, shorter, and run better with suppressors with the capability of easy caliber conversion. Personally, I cannot justify that much of a cash outlay. What are you doing to stop gun violence in the usa soil using AR15 assault weapons. I got the “SIG SRD762Ti-QD Rifle”. That way I could use my Surefire SOCOM and adapter that I already have in my possession. Sig decided that the only way to fix the AR15 was to turn it into an AR18 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You’ll love it! That SIG .308 can I bought was really light weight. Their goal: a lightweight firearm that’s as quiet as an MP5, as deadly as an AK-47, and more modular than anything ever designed. I never thought I’d consider 5.56 but the well thought-out modular platform design in the MCX, that offers 2 other calibers designed with supression, influenced my decision. In such a situation, the trigger will hardly matter. Exactly my point – there are reloads and then there are “cheap reloads” – big difference between a micrometer die-seated 77gr SMK match handload and Billy’s Bargain Bin mixed headstamp loads using who knows what powder and equipment? When you add the 30 rnd mag and some glass, it’ll gain some but it feels balanced because the scope is centered. Drew Warden is a past Managing Editor of Gun Digest the Magazine. No complaints from me there. Pencil barrels should work well, especially on the semi auto civvie version. That being said, you can put another bang switch in there, and even with the factory one, you’re getting an incredibly well-made, thoughtfully-designed, modular rifle. Even without a Giselle-class go-pedal, this rifle is well worth the price of admission. My Larue OBR 20” will out shoot the MCX by a wide margin but, that SPR type gun is twice as heavy and considerably more expensive. There are several good triggers out there on the market. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for SIG SAUER MCX AIR, .177 CAL, 88GR CO2, 30 RD, FDE, SIG20R RED DOT (CO2 Not Included) at I have the Sig Sauer MCX 300 Blackout PSB 5.5 inch barrel. Related: McHugh: The Evolution of a Renaissance ManAstros Stake DayanThursday, February 2, Houston s.The Wolves outscored the Thunder 29-18 during the quarter, and the passing was at an all-time high.He doesn’t have the history that some players (Kobe. So I don’t know what Sig was thinking here. It was another submission to the military’s CSASS program, but. Comes completely apart in in seconds for thorough cleaning (including the piston). Sadly, andy cuomo has deemed all guns that look evil forbidden in NY. So much more gun for the money. Top quality banknotes, Your email address will not be published. Now before I get crazy, I want to say upfront the MCX had two things pinging my radar. Lefty’s will be stoked to learn that the MCX has an ambidextrous fire selector, magazine release and charging handle. Assault weapons are intended for war combat but are used for mass shootings in the usa. So they made a special one you can buy ( for more $, for no good reason). forgot to add, I’ve also got the Folding & Telescoping 1913 interface stock on backorder and the sku is 50 yards it is all over the place. Wish I could post pics here. I have owned a Noveske Gen II, and have quite a bit of trigger time on Daniel Defense as well. These gentlemen originally built what they thought would be a wagon factory, in Rhine Falls, Switzerland. I’m all for innovation or at least some one trying to think out of the box. I would also hope that in the near future, these fine weapons will be as common as the LE6920, etc. I knew I made the right decision buying one! The rifle is a hybrid of the gas system in Sig’s excellent MPX submachine gun and a standard AR-15/M4 platform. I mounted iron sights and a red dot, then slammed hundreds of rounds through the barrel using everything from massively expensive Federal Gold Medal Match all the way down to reloads I picked up at the local gun range for a few pennies a round. I was at my gunsmith’s shop today and he said he could square up the end of the barrel on the MCX no problem. 12/18/20. Thanks Sig Sauer. Because there worth it if your married to a biatch! I had rather be shooting/training than standing over the “one armed bandit”. We have the best Gold Bars and silver for sale. Also, I would be surprised if someone didn’t make MLOK guards for the rifle once it becomes popular/Sig will release them once the rifle gains some market steam. I think the biggest caution are going too light, simplicity, warrantee, and consumer ratings. Pull out the front takedown pin and slide the guards off the front of the gun — done. While the MCX is optimized for suppressed use with .300 BLK, it performs with any of these cartridges. What the MCX does differantly then the SCAR 16S is cost around $500 less. Geez. They are feet apart, at 100 yards! Maybe the gun’s military roots are showing and they went with something close to a mil-spec design. Isn’t pencil profile barrel gonna melt during full auto? It’ll probably be SHOT before we talk in person, but I would like ask you if you’d like to be one of our expert on GUN STORIES WITH JOE MANTEGNA.

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