See also Asynchronous calls. Could you please clarify? For example, we used document.body.getElementsByTagName as an example above. In particular, it can be used together with withArgs.

How on earth would you stub something like that? Causes the stub to return a Promise which rejects with an exception of the provided type. stub.throwsArg(0); causes the stub to throw the first argument as the Causes the spy to invoke a callback passed as a property of an object to the spy.

} Causes the stub to return promises using a specific Promise library instead of Now that we know the pieces we need to deal with more complex stubbing scenarios, let’s come back to our original problem. wrapped. Async version of stub.yieldsOn(context, [arg1, arg2, …]). Like above but with an additional parameter to pass the this context. I'll have another go: Thanks a bunch @fatso83 for that explanation, it really helped. All copyright is reserved the Sinon committers. Dealing with complex objects in Sinon.js is not difficult, but requires you to apply different functionality together to make things work.

And I'm not aware of a way to stub the entire class (ie. Let’s find out! Stubbing individual methods tests intent more precisely and is less susceptible to unexpected behavior as the object’s code evolves. If the argument at the provided index is not available or is not a function, When constructing the Promise, sinon uses the Promise.resolve method. Causes the stub to call the first callback it receives with the provided arguments (if any). Of course, I could get all dependency injection-y and make B's constructor take A as an argument so that I can test it ... but I think instead I'm just going to give up on doing this sort of assertion. This isn't really addressing the use case in the question. getEls.withArgs('div').returns([fakeDiv]); With the above code, we could now verify in our tests that the getAttribute function is called correctly, or have it return specific values.

children: [],

You are We use essential cookies to perform essential website functions, e.g. Works with any unit testing framework. Causes the stub to throw the argument at the provided index. If you’ve used Sinon, you’ll know stubbing simple objects is easy (If not, check out my Sinon.js getting started article). It is just an unfortunate overlap in terms that confuses (here: the. @fatso83 yes in fact with the right babel config & release it's ok for us. The fn will be passed the fake instance as its first argument, and then the user’s arguments. Sign in Uses deep comparison for objects and arrays. In order to test the correct class is being applied, we need to stub both parent.querySelectorAll and the returned elements in the list. Note that in Sinon version 1.5 to version 1.7, multiple calls to the yields* ES classes are sugar coated ES5 classes and can be stubbed in the same way using sinon.createStubInstance. Causes the stub to return a Promise which resolves to the provided value. Note that it’s usually better practice to stub individual methods, particularly on objects that you don’t understand or control all the methods for (e.g. var id =;

Causes the original method wrapped into the stub to be called using the new operator when none of the conditional stubs are matched. The second issue is that your code example demonstrates a misunderstanding of what the constructor keyword in ES6 actually refers to.

When We’ll use this stub to return a list of fake elements. It appears that ES6 class constructors cannot be changed after construction, and so calling spy/stub/whatever on them is a nonsense operation.

Causes the stub to throw an exception (Error). The Promise library can be overwritten using the usingPromise method. var getElsStub = sinon.stub(document.body, 'getElementsByTagName'); That’s it. Even with proxyquire, there is no way to stub the Panel's constructor to test that new Panel() was called with appropriate arguments when testing Carousel class (at least not with their latest code build), unless I'm missing something.

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