While waiting for the first idea group to be unlocked, there are several things to occupy Castile in the Old World. In my current Austria Ironman playthrough i saw the retarded spanish king dying and his wife taking the crown, thus making the iberian wedding fire instantly. Event IDs; Blog; Other Websites . One is for intense expansionist game play, which I call Colossal Castile. Torquemada and conversion of Moors- I always take the toleration option as it gives +1 stability. Improve relations with Austria. Hide your navy at Sevilla port. 50 prestige hit is better than decades years of 0, 0, 0 ruler and a potential.

Build spy network on Portugal. Basileus. In short, Castile could be played in a lot of different ways. Tested it for myself now and i can forge a claim on barcelona when aragon still have the island. North African provinces have permanent modifier which increases coring cost by 50%, so keep the centers of trade for yourself and feed rest of the provinces to vassals. In the latter position he was instrumental in Spain's intervention in the Thirty Years War.

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If Spain forms and keeps Naples, France expands as they usually do, and Austria doesn't die, you will usually see some conflicts in Italy between the three. 2 heavy ships to hunt pirates in Sevilla.
Habsburg Throne– If you get the Hapsburg throne event. Objective: Take provinces and release Algiers as vassal. Could be just that the opinion needs to be low enough, check it on the wiki just to be clear. Interlude: Diplo annex Navarra.

If Morocco is ally, cobelligerent and take Tangiers (center of trade), Melila and Fez. Keep half your army on north coastline to fight landing Brits (they will land troops on you even when their provinces are sieged down by France).

Aragon (if they haven’t rivaled you) and Austria will be enough against pre-Elan France. Ally Aragon. It certainly does help in getting the Iberian Wedding when that event fires, but it has a MTTH of 1000 months and only has a window of about 55 years in which it can occur, so you're not very likely to see it most of the time. You should attack Morocco again and feed some more provinces to Fez. The cheat to add Spain to your country's interest is: add_interest SPA. Genoa trade node is a very important target here. Is this one of the "iberian flavour events" the producers were talking of? Kill the rebels. Preferably morale or discipline guy for military. Kill the rebels. I was referring to this "- Added 10 Spanish Flavor Events." All rights reserved. Mostly they have also events that are triggered by a monthly pulse.

Vassalize Portugal. EU4 Event IDs Find below a list of all event IDs in EU4. Of course had a peace treaty, got called into a war against Aragon, war ended by war leader, I get to wait another 10 years or take big stability hit. Morocco might have attacked Portugal by now, so take any Portuguese province (Ceuta, Algarve etc)  they own too.
http://i.imgur.com/BkRjhhK.jpg Awsome event. Better if Aragon is not a rival (protects a flank and gives a cushion in defensive wars). Again, its easier if Aragon is not a rival but not as important as the last guide. He served Philip III as ambassador to Brussels, Paris and Vienna between 1599 to 1617. North African provinces have permanent modifier which increases coring cost by 50%, so keep the centers of trade for yourself and feed rest of the provinces to vassals. The one addition I can think of for Iberia was the introduction of the "Castilian Civil War" disaster, which definitely isn't a buff for Castile by any means. If Morocco was not allied with Granada, declare on them immediately after finishing up with Granada. It was last verified for, Grammar of the [Root.Culture.GetName] Tongue, Ottoman Expansion in the Western Mediterranean, Torquemada and the Conversion of the Moors, The script code of these events can be found in, /Europa Universalis IV/events/flavorSPA.txt, a queen regency counts as female while a regency council counts as male, both a queen regency and a regency council can trigger the Iberian Wedding, both a queen regency and a regency council in Aragon keep the MTTH at 120 months, https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/index.php?title=Spanish_events&oldid=126775, Articles with potentially outdated infoboxes, then it get a new consort with at least 2, No province in Iberia is a Center of Reformation, Our country gains a claim on province Tunis, Any owned province in Iberia region produce, Every owned province in Iberia region producing, Every owned province with province modifier. Build up to Navy force limit. If Castile does not do it France or Aragon is almost certain to, and one or … If France has a major ally, such as Aragon, you can try one of two things- 1) wait till French allies are busy with another war and won’t join in 2) Call Aragon to fight Portugal and don’t peace out of that war. Spain can be formed either militarily, by conquering and coring most or all of Aragon, or diplomatically, by integrating Aragon if it is a vassal or junior personal union partner, which is likely due to the "Iberian Wedding" event. The event that puts Isabella on the throne is from the "Women in History" DLC that was released alongside patch 1.11 a few months back. Ally/RM Navarra. Noble rebels (size 2) rise up in revolt in a random owned province that is not the capital. Prerequisite: Portugal has taken Exploration Idea. Ideas: Exploration- Administrative- Influence- Quantity, Allies and rivals of Portugal, Aragon and Granada. Don’t be too greedy here. There's an element of luck to the whole thing, but if it does trigger it gives you an automatic personal union with Aragon, allowing you to form Spain diplomatically once the other requirements are met (Granada fully conquered and 100 legitimacy, I believe). Keep an eye out on Austria and claim throne when possible. Get a new, 23 years old, female heir Isabella of de Trastámara dynasty with: Gain a new female conquistador named La Malinche with: Gain the “Juana Ines de la Cruz” country modifier for 20 years, giving: Gain access to a female discounted colonial governor with skill 2 named Ines de Suarez.

You can still get the. However, I cannot get the option to actually select that Decision for some reason, and I can't get a casus belli on Barcelona (Aragon) without it, and can't get it after a war anyways since it's their capital. Once you get exploration ideas, start exploring West African sea and coast.

Mothball all forts. Send emissary. Demand admin. Has anyone else witnessed something comparable ? The marriage have been active for more than 40 years, is there a special requirement for it? The easiest way to form spain is to get a ruler of opposite sex than aragon on your throne or on his throne before 1500. If your ruler is 50+ and Enrique is still alive, disinherit him. MrMonokel2000 The command to play as Spain in EU4 is: tag SPA. Prerequisite: Enough allies who will attack France. Wait few years to take the naval doctrine that lets you capture more ships in battle. 228k. Iberian wedding– If you get Naples in Iberian wedding, you can build claims on Ottomans and start cutting them down to size. Spain is a formable nation that can be formed by any nation in the Iberian culture group, with the exception of Granada, who may form Andalusia instead. Call diet. Get first colony on gold coast.

Send light ships to protect trade in Sevilla. Gain ruler modifier “One Language of Government” , giving: Gain ruler modifier “A Government of Many Languages” , giving: Gain ruler modifier “Intensified Suppression of Protestantism”. Triggers if Spain and You are both rivaled to France. One random Muslim country neighbouring us by sea: If the country has a stability of less than, Owns any province with Andalusian culture. Can't do it peacefully since Aragon hates me, and in order to do it militarily, I need to conquer their capital (Barcelona). And the other is for a more relaxed play style, which I call Castile ‘n Chill. Burgundian Inheritance– If you get Burgundian inheritance, start chipping away at Savoy. England will likely have rebel issues, attack them and take all their money.

This will keep them in check while not accruing a lot of AE.

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