Felt Board Story Cut clothing pieces out of felt for all four seasons (shorts and t-shirt,swimsuit, coat and snow pants, Etc.) They can bring the photo into class (but not show it to their partner), just try to remember one, or even remember a real scene which they don’t have a photo of and describe it as if they did. Place a large pile of clothes at one end of the daycare. 1. Then have the child pick a chore from the pocket. “A red hat” or “A smart shirt”. Required fields are marked *. This is the way we put on our shirt, so early in the morning! 7. Give each pair of students a copy of the worksheet and a set of vocabulary cards, which they shuffle and place face down in a pile on the desk. If the item of clothing has buttons or zippers, children do the best they can. (Socks, shoes, snow pants, boots, raincoat, Etc.). 10. For example, they might be able to come up with similarities such as “There are people wearing skirts in both pictures”. They then ask each other questions to fill in the gaps, e.g. 2. Sing: 9. Think about the function of the clothes. 8. Clothes memory 2 Guess from the clothes Students look at what the people in the picture are wearing, turn over the picture, and then are tested on it. All our activities are available at no cost and are free to print and share. One way of adding more language to this activity is to only give them written descriptions of the clothes that they can choose from, showing them the pictures only after they have chosen the outfits. 3 or 4 separate outfits of clothes. Dear Reader:  You can help us make this theme even better! Bugs and Butterfly Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids, 12 Unique and Cool Skateboards for Kids of All Ages, 12 Best Recommended Dirt Bikes for Kids of All Ages, 10 Interesting and Functional Bunk Beds for Kids, 12 Best Performing Soccer Cleats for Kids, 12 Most Useful Activity Trackers for Kids. Ask the children to dress a felt person for winter, spring, summer, or fall. You could make a “Need to Fold” (Chores that need finished) and “Folded” (Chores that have been done) list and check all that apply for each child and when they have all of their “Clothes Folded” (chores for the week) you can give them a treat, movie, allowance…Etc.! You could make various styles of clothing out of construction paper and put a pocket on each one of them. The Shoe Game Hang them up with miniature clothespins on a string in your home where you have room for this. Display around the room. Children hide their eyes as the teacher hides all the shoes. Class Size: … changing colours etc with Photoshop or using a drawing and Tippex. Another way to add personalisation is for a student to describe what they were wearing at one particular time (e.g. Washing Clothes Your email address will not be published. “My picture seven is a very narrow black skirt with a long slit. Look at the use of colours, shapes and patterns in the clothing. television interview or graduation ball, and have to decide which clothes would be best. When he finds the owner, he returns the shoe, and that child now must find the owner of the shoe she has found.

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