Of course, watching the movie is not a substitute for reading the book: A number of details are lost or changed to make the story fit within the film medium. The Namesake Essay. on. The Abstract

Gogol (Nikhil) Ganguli: Character Analysis. When Maxine comes to stay with the Gangulis at the end of the mourning period for Ashoke, Gogol can tell "she feels useless, a bit excluded in this house full of Bengalis." What does reading mean to Ashoke? (2018, Jun 09). How have various literary techniques been used to show that these issues play a major role in an individual experiencing a sense of belonging or not belonging. English 1A The protagonist of the book Gogol, during his childhood went through many difficult stages related to his identity and find himself like another characters, Karan Gandhi The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly . Discuss Ashima's feeling of alienation in the United States. Nevertheless, from the very beginning this marriage has been doomed to failure. This desire of their parents is quite natural. IvyPanda, 6 July 2020, ivypanda.com/essays/the-namesake-novel-by-jhumpa-lahiri/.

This story of identity allows readers to travel with Ashima on an intimate journey through her life as an immigrant. So it is no wonder that as a result of Moushumi s adultery their marriage has broken up. Nowadays, with the speeding up of world economy, the world is becoming smaller and smaller, so that the competition among people from different ountries is becoming fierce, which is. By utilising literary techniques including intertextuality, motifs and juxtaposition Jhumpa Lahiri has successfully addressed issues such as cultural traditions, migration, family and identity while concurrently demonstrating how such issues play a major role on influencing a person’s sense of belonging or not belonging.It is palpable to acknowledge the fact that personal experiences, relationships, time and cultural traditions play an important role in shaping a person’s personal identity that can in turn influence a person’s sense of belonging and in some cases not belonging. However, apart from his material welfare there is a feeling of dissatisfaction in his heart. A tradition where the Grandmother on the Mothers’ side names the baby.
Although Ashima’s craving of the snack commonly found in Calcutta emphasises her disconnection and isolation from her homeland, this sense of isolation is eventually replaced with belonging as her community of Bengali friends begins to grow later in the novel.Later the food motif is once again made evident through the gathering and sharing of traditional Bengali food between the Ganguli’s and other Bengali families.

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