The Stone Men eventually defeated all of the Iron Men. The Edicts of Nikaea stood largely untouched for the next 10,000 standard years as the primary Imperial policy regarding Human psychic mutation. However, Lorgar, the primarch of the Word Bearers Legion, desperate to find some outlet for his belief that Humanity must have a god to worship to be truly whole, gave in to the constant whispers of the Chaos Gods and, after corrupting his Legion to their service, sent his First Chaplain Erebus to poison the minds of the other primarchs and their Legions. This refusal to worship the Emperor as prescribed by the Imperial Creed is also one of the reasons that the Astartes often come into conflict with the Ecclesiarchy and the Inquisition. They prefer instead to venerate Him as the pinnacle of what a Human being is capable of achieving and an example to be followed. This allowed the device to be powered for a single solar day without the Emperor's presence, and he used that time to plunge into the Webway and rescue the retreating Imperial forces. Instead, upon dying, their souls were consumed by the entities and Daemons of the Warp. The concept of the Star Child in relation to the Emperor is similar to that of the Aeldari's potential god Ynnead, the Lord of the Dead, who according to their belief will form in the Infinity Circuits of the Aeldari craftworlds when the last of their race has died on the physical plane. encountered by the Imperium to that time during the Ullanor Crusade, the Emperor decided that He was no longer directly needed to command the efforts of the Great Crusade. The highly advanced life support mechanisms of the Golden Throne have begun to fail and the Tech-priests no longer possess the knowledge necessary to repair them. Only His mind remained active within the Warp as His dying body continued to decay at a glacially slow pace. The Imperial Creed teaches that far from being a defeat, the internment of the Emperor within the Golden Throne allowed His divine spirit to ascend so that He could guide and protect all Humanity more directly, no longer confined by the limitations of the flesh. [23a], The last act of Horus' rebellion was played out above Terra, as the Emperor led a desperate assault against Horus's flagship after the treacherous Warmaster deliberately lowered his Void Shields as an invitation for a final duel. All were placed in command of the Astartes Legions created from their respective gene-seed and played a major part in forging their father's Imperium. Granting him the title of Warmaster after the Ullanor Crusade, the Emperor declared that the time had come for his sons to show him what great leaders they were. As the Human race prospered and advanced the Warp became increasingly disturbed. He used His influence carefully, at first adopting only the guise of a normal man, and without revealing His true nature. These warriors played a significant role in the Emperor's eventual victory over all the other warlords of Terra and led Him to believe that His future plans to reunite Mankind would require the creation of an even more potent core of genetically-engineered military commanders and warriors. Were it not for his unceasing struggle, the Chaos of the Warp would flood the material realm with madness and horror, causing untold destruction. These men, termed 'shamans' by their society, were powerful psykers with great experience of the Warp. After telling them of their role, the Emperor bid them farewell as Malcador's confidant Ael Wyntor created a portal to Titan.

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