These were: "The Lariat" (March 29, 1960) starring Richard Anderson as a gambler and sharpshooter; "Death Trap" (May 9, 1961) featuring Phil Carey as Simon Battle, a gunslinger turned doctor; and "Which Way'd They Go?" [28], American toymaker Hubley produced a well made toy copy of McCain's Model 1892 known variously as The Rifleman Rifle, the Flip Special, and the Ring Rifle. [citation needed], The opening theme at the beginning of each episode depicted McCain walking down the street of a town while rapid-firing his Winchester 44-40 1892 model rifle that had been modified at the trigger and lever. Chuck Connors.....The Man Behind the Rifle, The Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Golf Swing. [3] (This conflicts with Episode 3/25, "The Prisoner," in which a former Confederate cavalry major states that he was Lieutenant McCain's prisoner after the Battle of Fort Donelson. [23] He subsequently reappeared in "The Raid". The Brother-in law episode #5 — Lucas gave Johnny a black eye within days of the big bronco ride.When they show him before the ride the black eye is gone. He even told his son that he would, when he finds “the right woman.” Profiles in History..... In the series, The Rifleman lost his wife, Margret, to a smallpox outbreak while they were living in Oklahoma territory, leaving Lucas McCain a widower. Johnny Crawford hit the big time at the age of twelve when he starred in the 1958 series, “The Rifleman.” It was as a child star that Johnny Crawford would meet the man who became his mentor, and who would have a huge influence on his career. It includes his ‘Flight Around the World’ Lear Jet model airplane and commemorative plaque marking his record-setting journey, a Navy flight jacket and helmet worn during flights with the Blue Angels and guest books signed by the many friends and celebrities he took up in the nine airplanes he has owned thus far. [8][9], The series was created by Arnold Laven and developed by Sam Peckinpah, who would become a director of Western movies. Lucasboy sent me these picture of the exhibit to share with you. Light washes, cuffed denim styles, and black jeans were the reigning jeans trends among men, and popular brands included Levi’s, Lee Cooper, and Wrangler jeans. [20][21] Season 5 was released on November 27, 2017. Peckinpah left the show and created a short-lived series, The Westerner, with Brian Keith. The Single Action Army is also used by various characters. The rapid-fire mechanism was originally designed to keep Connors from puncturing his finger with the trigger as he quickly cycled the action of the rifle. High raise style is perfect. "The Rifle!!!!!" When Connors cycled the action by spinning the rifle to his side, the cartridge in the action could fall out. Robert Culp (star of CBS's Trackdown, another Four Star-produced series), wrote one two-part episode, and Frank D. Gilroy (creator of ABC's Burke's Law, another Four Star-produced series), wrote "End of a Young Gun". Them Cowboys sure heal fast! Most (if not all) of the sound effects for the rifle shots were dubbed, which is why the rifle sounded so different from the other gunshots on the show. The rifle is anachronistic because the show was based in the 1880s. The rifle was chambered for the .44-40 W.C.F. Edited version of the 1997 book, with lots of Chuck Connors Last Modified Winchester "Rifleman" Style Rifle (w/Connors Family Letter and Original Case) Auction closed July 17, 2008 - The rifle sold for $8,346 This Winchester gun belonged to Chuck Connors and was inherited by his son, Steve. Fifty-one episodes of the series were directed by Joseph H. Lewis (director of 1950s Gun Crazy and known for his film noir style). new photos, and also a As with the earlier Model 1873, the light and handy Model 1892 was chambered for handgun cartridges, favored by many Westerners to simplify ammunition supply problems by using the same cartridge in both a handgun and a rifle. McCain attempts to solve as many problems as possible without resorting to shooting, yet still manages to kill 120 villains over the show's five-year run. The Rifleman's gimmick was a modified Winchester Model 1892 rifle, with a large ring lever drilled and tapped for a set screw. The Rifleman is an American Western television program starring Chuck Connors as rancher Lucas McCain and Johnny Crawford as his son Mark McCain.It was set in the 1880s in the fictional town of North Fork, New Mexico Territory.The show was filmed in black and white, in half-hour episodes. More than 500 actors made guest appearances in more than 970 credited roles during the five-year run of the series. Royal Dano appeared in "The Sheridan Story" as a former Confederate soldier who is given a job on the McCain ranch and encounters General Philip Sheridan, the man who cost him his arm in battle. Jones, John Milford, Rex Holman, Agnes Moorehead, Denver Pyle, Lee Van Cleef, and Adam West, most appearing multiple times in different roles. Seven actors played the town doctor during the series (usually known as "Doc Burrage"): Edgar Buchanan, Fay Roope, Rhys Williams, Jack Kruschen, Robert Burton, Ralph Moody and Bert Stevens. There were actually 3 prop weapons used on the show, 2 true Winchesters and a Spanish El Tigre used for stunts. The 1892 Winchester is a top-eject rifle (opening the action by pushing the finger-lever forward moves the bolt rearward and thereby opens the top of the receiver). The Rifleman, Here you will find a small article about the rife ~ The Rifleman - End of A Young Gun - Bloopers Check out the back of Lucas' jeans—now mind, keep your mind out of the gutter! [citation needed], The series was set during the 1880s; a wooden plaque next to the McCain home states that the home was rebuilt by Lucas McCain and his son Mark in August 1881. [26] The remake project was canceled a few months later, without a pilot episode being made. It was one of the first prime time series on US television to show a single parent raising a child. There were two matching rifles that we used in the show, so those two guns are reposed in those two particular places." It is notable that McCain almost never carried a pistol, although he is a good shot with it especially when he improvised a crude gunstock for one when facing a villain who had stolen his rifle. Marx Bros also marketed a version called the Wild West that was simply the Lone Ranger/Roy Rogers Winchester with the loop lever used by McCain replacing the standard straight lever. The family heirloom was owned by Steve until July 17, 2008. Westerns were popular when The Rifleman premiered, and producers tried to find gimmicks to distinguish one show from another. Lucas is breaking in the new horse and during the ride his hat falls off and pops right back on during the breaking in. The Rifleman’s 1892 Winchester was as much a star of the show as were the actors, and it has become an icon of the golden era of TV Westerns. by David Fury Connors wrote several episodes. He also has a tendency to be stubborn, bossy, and has a bit of an inflated ego. The Model 94's popularity and long production history may be related to its being the first Winchester to be designed for the then-new "smokeless" powder. The releases are random collections of episodes, rather than the original broadcast order. The rifle may have appeared in every episode, but it was not always fired; some plots did not require violent solutions (for example, one involving Mark's rigid new teacher). 1 Winchester 1892; 2 Single Action Army; 3 Unidentified Falling-block action rifle; Winchester 1892 . [2], The series centers on Lucas McCain, a Union Civil War veteran and widower. [29], Other popular period westerns, also produced in the 1950s, For the 2019 film also known as The Rifleman, see. The lever design allowed him to cock the rifle by spinning it around his hand. Winchester originally produced this gun from 1892 to 1941; total production was slightly over 1,000,000. The episodes will be released in sequential order, by season, in high quality boxed sets with exclusive special features. Now available on The program was titled to reflect McCain's use of a Winchester Model 1892 rifle, customized to allow repeated firing by cycling its lever action (an anachronism, because the model wasn't manufactured until after the period of the show's setting). [19] Season 4 was released on December 4, 2016. Auction closed July 17, 2008 - The rifle sold for $8,346This Winchester gun belonged to Chuck Connors and was inherited by his son, Corey suggests he is a hypocrite, because McCain has an equally deadly reputation in the Indian Territory of Oklahoma, where he first acquired the nickname "the Rifleman", and where his wife had died during a smallpox epidemic. Ida Lupino directed one episode, "The Assault". [10] When Connors auditioned for the show, the director suddenly threw a rifle at him; the former Major League Baseball player caught it and got the job.[11]. Regular and relaxed fit jeans will suit this body type the best. Thanks Mark! [citation needed], MPI Home Video has released The Rifleman on DVD in Region 1 in a number of versions. Check out The Rifleman aired on ABC from September 30, 1958, to April 8, 1963, as a production of Four Star Television. Therefore, the rifle was modified with a plunger, which would hold the round in place. The following weapons were used in the television series The Rifleman: The Rifleman (1958-1963) Contents. "I gave one of the two rifles we used on the show to Arnold Palmer," said Chuck, and it hangs over his fireplace in Latrobe. In December of 1994 this was verified through Arnold Palmer's administration Assistant, Doc Griffin. The Rifleman, Episode 1/16, first aired January 13, 1959. [22], The February 17, 1959 episode of The Rifleman was a pilot for an NBC series, Law of the Plainsman, starring Michael Ansara as Marshal Sam Buckhart. The soundtrack contained a dubbed 12th shot, to allow the firing to end with a section of the theme music. auctions..... Chuck Connors Last Modified Winchester McCain fires 12 shots from his rifle during the opening credits: seven shots in the first close-up and five more as the camera switches to another view. In "Death Trap", an episode with Philip Carey as former gunman (and old adversary) Simon Battles, he is unwilling to believe the man has changed and become a doctor. "The Rifleman". Regulars on the program included Marshal Micah Torrance (R. G. Armstrong was the original marshal for two episodes, the first and the fourth), Sweeney the bartender (Bill Quinn), and a half-dozen other residents of North Fork (played by Hope Summers, Joan Taylor, Patricia Blair, John Harmon, and Harlan Warde). [18] Season 3 was released on December 2, 2015. The significant improvement was the addition of vertical lugs that securely lock the bolt and receiver when the gun fires. Thanks Mee! [17] The second season was released on November 28, 2014.

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