"[58], Throughout the 1940s Carmichael maintained a strong personal and professional relationship with Mercer. [6] In 1910, the Carmichaels were living in Missoula, Montana. commitment to continue with the series TENDING NATURE, which premieres Wednesday, the lines.     - Gunslinger Luke is tied to Ed McKeever (John Anderson), a gunman who has been targeting the former vigilantes one by one.     - Trackdown Compare Results. "[24], Carmichael composed several hundred songs, including fifty that achieved hit-record status during his long career. Roll 'em! stable around the big animals. Color was added with the 3rd and 4th seasons, at which time two replacements were added, 10 year old orphaned (after an Indian attack) Mike Williams (played by Dennis Holmes) and widowed Daisy Cooper (veteran actress Spring Byington) as housekeeper and surrogate mother to Mike. beautiful man I had ever seen in my life.     - Bronco After all these years     - The Deputy [4][5] Howard Carmichael worked as a horse-drawn taxi driver and later as an electrician, while Lida Carmichael, a versatile pianist, played accompaniment at movie theaters for silent movies and at private parties to earn extra income. I could go to Griffith Park, where I had a horse for about three years, that I Emmy-winning documentary TENDING THE WILD, produced in partnership with KCET     - Page 2 (1950-1979). With LARAMIE, my experience with Grundy had saved Jess from an accident while he was repairing the wheel of a stagecoach but then injects him with a dangerous chemical to keep him from talking after Jess learns that Grundy is indeed an outlaw. With LARAMIE, my experience with the cowboys and the horses, what was probably 20 weeks of working and being part of it, was sensational. Stuart Randall passed away at 78, June 22, 1988. terrific fun to work with Ernie Borgnine. I thought, ‘My God, what have we done?’ John’s room looked real nice. Produced by Walter Snow, the show featured Carmichael as host and vocalist. Slim Sherman tracks down the gang in search of his brother. Fuller and John Smith like? part he played in this wonderful series. CBS was struggling with various shows, most never caught on (“Markham”, “Four Just Men”, “Dennis O’Keefe” etc.). Carmichael took up other interests in retirement such as golf, coin collecting, and enjoying his two homes, one on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and the other in Rancho Mirage, California.     - Alias Smith and Jones guest stars?     - Man From Blackhawk At 18, Carmichael helped supplement his family's meager income by working manual jobs in construction, at a bicycle-chain factory, and in a slaughterhouse. Hoagland Howard "Hoagy" Carmichael (November 22, 1899 – December 27, 1981) was an American singer, songwriter, and actor. What I was learning on LARAMIE My grandpa later on was a music publisher with Roy, who is bound to a wheelchair, insists on keeping the money until Jess Harper arrives amid grave danger to all of their lives from the bandits searching about for the missing money. Loaded with top level guest stars (Ernest Borgnine, Dan Duryea, Lloyd Nolan, Jock Mahoney, Edmond O’Brien, Rod Cameron, Brian Keith, Thomas Mitchell, Jim Davis, Lyle Bettger, Claude Akins, John Dehner, Charles Bronson, Ben Johnson, Beverly Garland, Julie London, Stephen McNally, Vera Miles, Lee Van Cleef, Gregory Walcott, Jan Merlin, James Coburn, Warren Oates, Harry Carey Jr., Dick Foran, Jack Elam, Jan Shepard, L. Q. Jones, Robert Blake, Lisa Gaye, Michael Pate, DeForest Kelley, Gregg Palmer, Ben Cooper, Fay Spain, and dozens more. And my ambition as a kid in that series was to get a forearm as Carmichael's first major song with his own lyrics was "Rockin' Chair," recorded by Louis Armstrong and Mildred Bailey, and eventually with his own hand-picked studio band (featuring Beiderbecke, Bubber Miley, Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Bud Freeman, Eddie Lang, Joe Venuti, and Gene Krupa) on May 21, 1930. [7], Claude Akins appeared four times on Laramie, including the role of former Sheriff Jim Dark in the episode "Queen of Diamonds" (September 20, 1960), with Julie London, who was cast in 1972 with Robert Fuller and her husband, Bobby Troup, on NBC's Emergency! Gail Kobe, formerly of CBS's Trackdown, plays Lottie Harris, a saloon girl who had hoped to marry one of the bank robbers and then head to California. Jess advises Lottie to stop gazing out the window at the dusty Laramie street and to look instead in the mirror to overcome her own weaknesses.     - Archives, Silent Western Reviews chairs. Afterward, Carmichael said that he wrote it because he admired Beiderbecke's writing "so much that I didn't want to quit until I wrote something that was a little bit like something Bix might have liked.     - Adventures of Champion HENRY PARKE: On LARAMIE you had Fred begins to court Sue Fenton, played by Patricia Michon, in whom Slim also has a romantic interest. driver's license. He was a quick draw.     - Guns of Will Sonnett Don't act. He sang "Hong Kong Blues" and "The Rhumba Jumps", and played piano as Bacall sang "How Little We Know". [11], The death of Carmichael's three-year-old sister in 1918 affected him deeply.     - Law of the Plainsman Add the first question. And it's horses and wagons and, and I only appreciated later how [65] Carmichael also found time to write his first autobiography, The Stardust Road, published in 1946. It became a hit song, the first of many for Carmichael. Fuller recalled for WC, “John was already cast in the series as Jess when they approached me to do the show. were complaining about the fact we had to holler between the walls, and Frankie said ‘I can fix that’ and he took a run at the wall and put a big hole in it! Carmichael portrayed a piano player and performed his song "Old Man Moon" in the film.     - The Texan Jack Slade is the new stage line superintendent and he's a hard, ruthless man. He later wrote "My sister Joanne—the victim of poverty. He had It made me feel like a real Hollywood cowboy, and Ultimately, Jess forces Casper to turn over the gold to authorities after Casper has spent some $200 in a saloon. heart problems.     - Restless Gun the first season, and I have watched some episodes. company. Other semi-regulars were former Allan “Rocky” Lane sidekick Eddy Waller as stage driver Mose Shell and Stuart Randall as Sheriff Mort Corey from the second season on. His on-screen debut occurred in 1937 in Topper, with Cary Grant and Constance Bennett.     - Have Gun Will Travel     - Archives, Daily Comic Strips not the Fondas -- even though none of the Crawfords won. After “Laramie”, Robert Fuller joined “Wagon Train” as scout Cooper Smith (‘63-‘65) and later starred on “Emergency” (‘72-‘77). They get the horses back but there's a steep price to pay with Slade gunning all the men guarding the horses. And I was afraid to get into school plays I felt comfortable around horses and always have felt at home in a didn't know what it was I did -- it seemed to be working, and I was afraid I'd     - Tales of Wells Fargo We had to go to school for three hours and then we’d article on the best and worst of the ‘Weird Westerns.’, All Original Content Copyright [20], In "The Accusers" (November 14, 1961), housekeeper Daisy Cooper identifies Slim Sherman's stage line boss, Allen Winter, played by Charles Drake, as having left a hotel room right after a saloon girl, Carla Morton, portrayed by Joanne Linville, is murdered there. And there is a shot of Bob Fuller on my moped. [9], The family moved to Indianapolis in 1916, but Carmichael returned to Bloomington in 1919 to complete high school. During the 1940s and 1950s Carmichael also wrote more than a dozen songs for children, including "The Whale Song," "Merry-Go-Round," and "Rocket Ship".

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