You can then use the desired chest on the road to rule and simply leave and rejoin if it's not the one you want. Additional alterations can occur by utilising all the additional gauntlets, killing a certain number of hollow men, bandits, wolves or other specific enemies. Brave Bow: ), Love (The love you have inspired in the hearts of others has transformed the design of your weapon. I picked axe because 5% is better than nothing and I don't mind the aesthetics. ), Flourishes (Your feats in combat have caused your weapon to become more exotic. Axe is slightly better because the 5% damage. Is this a new trend. (Secondary colour: black), Kick 25 chickens. I'll probably get a pair of Cleasis anyway. NOTE: This is based on the star level of the weapon. Discuss news, strategies and information relating to Sega's *Phantasy Star Online 2*! (see table below). Whether you're traversing the Sundom or headed through Banuk territory, it might be best to stock up on the 10 best weapons in the entire game. ), Family (The love of your family has transformed the pattern on your weapon. Open chests, locate dig and dive spots. Losing that 60% boost and not getting off the absurdly strong counters (which also give a lot of gear) is just stupid. Therefore the first half of the answer is Axes, but whether 1H or 2H depends on the server type (Reboot or Normal) and the best scrolling possible to compensate (or surpass) for the lesser wep type multiplicative since 2H Axes can hit speed cap 0 too. It has a high base ATK and 8% unconditional damage bonus is solid. Is this a new trend considering the higher multipliers on Hero or just people trying to facetank stuff instead of dodging? They will be: 1. Zeinesis is still stronger for non-Buster Quests but Cleasis weapons are king for BBQs. That being said, I personally use a Fornis TMG so take that with a grain of salt. Don't want to shit on your personal preference. You should still be dodging when using those weapons, though, especially on hero. ), Time (The time you have spent with your weapon has affected its physical make up. (Secondary colour: silver), Dig 10 dig spots. I'm pretty sure for starter is still better, but endgame could change. Make villagers hate you. I've seen a lot of conflicting opinions online - some saying 2h axe because of +5% damage (NOT final damage), some saying 1h sword + shield because you recharge combo orbs faster, and still others saying you should have separate weapons for mobbing and bossing. (Unconfirmed). Perform 10 nasty expressions to villagers. I want to know what weapon fits the best for each character. Eagle and wing motif blade (sword); an eagle perched upon the shaft (hammer). ), Social Skills (Your weapon has reacted to your social skills by changing its appearance. (Secondary colour: silver), Spend 500 gold in house repairs. Oh man though can you imagine how braindead Guld Milla would be for Hero if it had Massive Hunter. It has high attack and slow attack speed. Gix and BQ weapon is very close to each other in damage and people say that Gix sucks, so why should I get the BQ weapons? Earn 1,000 gold from rental properties. Updated by Madison Lennon on March 1st, 2020: It has been several years since Horizon Zero Dawn was released and yet the game remains extremely popular. 2h actually provides better dpm overall on the reboot servers. I did a dummy test with my hero using both clean fafnir weapons 1h and 2h. A wooden grip with gold-leaf engravings and an aqua-coloured jewel in it. ), Murder (Your weapon's appearance reflects your penchant for murder. Gift 5 presents to other Heroes via Xbox LIVE or Co-op. I personally have right now: Hero:Swords Erik:Swords Veronica:Heavy Wand Serena:Spear Sylvando:Whip Rab:Claws Jade:Spear Hendrick:Axe Cookies help us deliver our Services. (Secondary colour: black), Marry another Hero via Xbox LIVE or Co-op. Towards the beginning of the game, you are given the Hero Sword and the Hero Hammer, of which you need to choose which to equip at the time. Personally, I'm not funded and I don't like axes, so I went with 2h sword (I think it's unfair that swords don't receive some sort of bonus like axes do...). Hi, I am a 22-23k STR hero. Open chests, locate dig and dive spots. ), Treasure Hunting (Your treasure-hunting abilities have transformed the design of your weapon.). ), Popularity (Your popularity among villagers has given your weapon a saintly look. 5000 gold earned. If you can benefit from the potential, they're very worth it, especially considering how fast Hero hits to get around the 50 heal cap. All pre-order bonus DLC, special code DLC, or regular DLC weapons have very specific morphs to make them more unique. If a 28k+ STR hero could do the same that would seal the deal. Unlocked: Combat Level 4 chests in the eighth section of the Road to Rule. Outside of BQs Qliphad/Zenesis with Anthesis is still potentially stronger even with a lower base. The Hero Weapons (a sword, a hammer, a pistol, and a rifle) are the base weapons your Fable III Hero is given during the early quest A New Hero. It is highly recommended that if you are attempting to design a particular flavour of weapon that you focus on progressing the story and performing the required activity specifically and avoid optional activities. Score 300 hits with unweaved Shock magic. If you can benefit from the potential, they're very worth it, especially considering how fast Hero hits to get around the 50 heal cap. Rune markings will appear on your weapons. Do not leave or warp to another area (except from the Road to Rule to the Sanctuary) as this will autosave and overwrite your game, leaving you stuck with the morph you were given. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I've seen a lot of conflicting opinions online - some saying 2h axe because of +5% damage (NOT final damage), some saying 1h sword + shield because you recharge combo orbs faster, and still others saying you should have separate weapons for mobbing and bossing. Gold lattice or lacing grip; sword has a gold hilt; firearms have an oversized trigger guard. swiki comments suggest that the potentials for Everida is Damage Increase (6-7-8%, each level respectively) plus 1-2-3 PP for every enemy killed. This is so you can change your weapon's morph if it is something you do not like. Does this change with the new v3 patch or current flame patch? If you wanted a real answer, most heroes in reboot use 2h axe, 5% dmg is better than nothing also axes look cooler. ), Hate (Your aggressive attitude to other people is mirrored in your weapon's evil design. Co-op(Hero Duo) Mode Best Weapon Tier List; Weapon: Description: Good to Go: Gale Force: Gale Force is a crossbow infused with the power of the wind, shooting out charged arrows. Rune markings will appear on your weapons. Bruhh, you had 4 more hits from Burning Soul Blade on your 2h test, which by theory you're supposed to have more hits, less dmg on 1h. (Secondary colour: steel), Dive 5 dive spots. If ever you do not know the hero’s innate elemental attribute, just look no further than your collection book or take a gander at the character equipment screen. Available after unlocking the tenth section of the Road to Rule. ), Making Money (Your weapon has responded to your ability to make money by becoming more intricately designed. ), Co-Op Play (Your ability to meet other Heroes has had an effect on the pattern of your weapon. (Secondary colour: green), Earn 10,000 gold from jobs. Later, you can choose between the Hero Pistol and the Hero Rifle. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 1h can be good for mobbing if you feel you need the extra AS, but really it's overkill and for players who can already one shot in drop/meso gear in end game maps like clp since it's only for farming anyway. This number increases based on the ranged level chests opened on the Road to Rule. Also the rationale for the 1h route, was that it requires less effort to break speed cap. It is noted that 1H is technically better for farming as you can hard cap thus meaning more kills per hour overall, if one shotting. (Secondary colour: purple), Consume 10 foods. Hey all, I recently made a Hero and I'm wondering whether 2h axe, 1h sword + shield, 2h sword, etc. I'd recommend going through the entire guide, it is slightly outdated as it lists the relentless attack node as more important than it is currently. Why are they better? The weapon choice bonus is negligible. Hi, I'm no hero main but I did do some extensive reading on a lot of the warrior classes. Can any experienced players or end-game Heroes lend me their insight? Earn a large amount of gold from jobs. But sword is much cooler. Total treasure value of 5000. Also, it automatically reloads and shoots a charged arrow. (Secondary colour: red), Successfully haggle on 10 shop items. Utilising certain abilities, such as the Fireball spell, will cause the weapons to alter, becoming more intricate and legendary in appearance. Children (Your weapon responded to your parenthood by adopting a more virtuous appearance. Again, if you're looking to min-max 1H with Green Pot for farming and 2H for bossing. (Secondary colour: red). (Secondary colour: bronze), Kick a chicken 10 yards. Again I'm no hero main, nor will I pretend to be one, but the information when put under scrutiny and actually put through all the formulas holds up to what is written. Recently a lot of endgame heros in reboot started running 1h sword and shield. Thanks in advance! (Secondary colour: purple), Earn 500 guild seals.

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