Is there somewhere already a review or something that is analyzing the input lag of the new Series 2 Elite controller? Disconnecting the controller jumps the fps up to normal for me. The Case of the Laggy Xbox Controller on Windows 10 Posted on April 18, 2016 by Rafael Rivera in Windows 10 , Xbox One with 2 Comments Share 0 Tweet 0 Share 0

Are you using 3rd party Bluetooth receiver on PC or the official Microsoft Xbox One controller dongle for Windows 10? then this starts up again. Try again after you have installed the most recent firmware on your controller and see if the problem still occurs. when using the H5 settings I flick past my targets, zoom in to late, and switch weapons too slowly. The input delay over Bluetooth is shit.

So use a cable and it should work fine. ive seen a lot of users have been having issues with the series 2 the only thing i can really recommend is using compressed air and making sure theres no dirt or anything also if its still under warranty you may be able to get it replaced if not i would To rule out issues with Xbox Elite 2 controller I would connect it to phone and try to play something (any free game would do with controller support), both Android and iPhones now support Xbox One controllers as input methods. recommmend creating a microsoft service order so they can look at it! Download the Xbox Accessories App from Microsoft and then plugin your controller via USB after installing and starting the app. I have verified all settings through the Xbox accessories app that the joystick has the default settings for joystick I bought my controller back in January 2020 and recently the left joystick has had an issue where there is a delay in me moving a joystick and the action on the screen takes place “input lag“ Website will not except my controllers serial number so I can …
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Which impacts the gameplay with delay. Did someone already made a test for the Input lag of the new Series 2 Elite Controller?

Maybe I'm an outlier in this desire.

Is there an actual solution to this problem?

In fact, I think it feels better on controller but still not good. I noticed a significant increase in accuracy and speed of reticle movement. Connect to.other systems: perhaps with an adaptor like Cronus max. I wonder why Microsoft doesn't advertise the polling rate of these controllers. A „Elite“ Controller should not have any input delay above 3ms no matter which connection and unregistered button presses are a total nogo. I hate playing games that feel like that. Every time (100%)Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? in Halo 5 without taking my thumbs off the sticks and allows for a stabilize jump by clenching my entire left hand. Connect a xbox one controller, and see if your framerates drop and if the game begins to lag. I hate playing games that feel like that. It's Microsoft's. Even this latest one I received is already acting weird. It’s delay on everything. XBox Dongle and Wired seems to be in the ~5-15ms range like the Series 1 Elite. If anyone has a possible I also feel like tc has some sort of lag compensation for low ping players. I am unbale to get support from xBox Help website - Website will not except my controllers serial number so I can request support.
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I have tried via Mircosoft website and by phone... both have had there challenges within itself. Alone due to the issues mentioned above I would currently say S1 is far better compared to the S2. If there is no issues on phone This thread is locked. This game is so unresponsive for me that out of pure suspicion i only play with my elite controller 2 plugged into the console.

Although using a cable does work, I found out that any time my controller's batteries got low, it caused the problems you are experiencing. All these settings allow me to perform every combat maneuver I move my thumb for is reloading which is only done in a non combat situation. I did a websearch (which is how I also ended up here) and just wanted to let you know that you should check if your controller is up to date. I am also looking for this. I had this problem as well with my xbox wireless controller. I don’t think that’s on the hardware side. How often does the bug occur?

I am fairly savvy, and I cannot see why there would be any sort of connection between using a controller wirelessly vs wired that would affect the frame rate. I expect to be able to connect my controller perfectly fine and enjoy the game. If I use my mouse and keyboard, I stay in the 80-120s. I have had the same issues, I've sent two controllers back now. A player experienced the same issue and resolved it by changing the batteries in his controller. Makes even less sense to me now, but it works without issue. I can't find anything related to that. Even on a mouse and keyboard it feels terrible to me. I can't find anything related to that. I've since done some testing. But even worse is the chance for unregistered A, B, X and Y presses even if you map those buttons to the paddles. It should be the opposite.

Upon playing a few more games it seems that Because it does no longer require the USB Dongle but instead can connect directly to the Bluetooth of a System. I really don't want to switch control schemes but I may have to because the only cause I can think of Brian,  thanks for the comment and feedback. I play with it plugged in because it keeps disconnecting on me mid game on bluetooth all the time…, Well done, MS… As real premium product … Not…, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Detailed INPUT LAG analysis of Gears of War UE, 4, and 5 (Bad news for Gears 5). I am unbale to get support from xBox Help website - Website will not except my controllers serial number so I can request support. What happens when the bug occurs? I am having the same issue. All of these can be attributed to an additional 20-50ms of lag on the controller. Yeah, I’m fairly certain a wire doesn’t help with latency at all.

Then I play 2 v 2 and my ping was literally 4 and it felt like there was way more input lag when my ping was tht low. This thread is locked.

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